10 Best Calculator Brands in India

Calculator is a device used for performing mathematical calculations. It is an electronic device that is used to perform mathematical operations quickly and accurately. It is available in various sizes, shapes and designs.

When it comes to purchasing calculators in India, one needs to choose the best brand that offers quality and accuracy. With so many options available in the market today, it can be difficult to decide which is the best calculator brand in India.

This article will provide a comprehensive overview of the top calculator brands in India, including their features and prices.

It will also provide an in-depth comparison of the different brands to help you make an informed decision when making a purchase. From basic models to advanced scientific calculators, this article will help you pick the best calculator brand for your needs.

Best Calculators

The list of Best Calculator Brands in India starts from here.

10. Oreva

An exceptional brand for calculators.

At Oreva, we strive to provide great customer satisfaction and make products of the best quality. We make telephones, LED TVs, E-bikes, Lighting products, and Calculators that are easy to use and look cool. We have hired over 5000 women to make sure that we always provide the best service.

Our calculators have a big LCD display that makes it easy to see your calculations and read data. The calculator is made with strong plastic so it won’t get damaged if you drop it.

9. Citizen

A premier choice for calculator brands.

Citizen is a great company for calculators in India. They make all sorts of cool calculators that can do lots of different calculations like exponential calculations. And they also make watches and printers that are of high quality. Plus, all of their machines are really small and easy to carry around.

Cool features of Citizen calculators you should know:

-They can do exponential calculations on your desktop.

-You can check the calculations up to 120 times.

-Most calculators have a two-tier display so you never make a mistake.

-You can see the formula input in addition to the results of the calculation.

8. Casio

One of the finest brands in the calculator market.

Casio is a really cool brand that has been around for over 24 years. They make calculators, watches, clocks, label printers, and even keyboard instruments. Casio is known for making really durable and efficient products.

They make two types of calculators – regular and scientific. The best Casio calculator has a great feature that shows you numbers in a way that’s easy to read and understand.

Plus, it has a super speedy key operation that helps you enter numbers quickly. It also has a special display function that’ll make learning a breeze.

7. HP

A standout brand known for its calculators.

HP is a well-known technology company that makes products including calculators, printers, and service portfolio systems. It believes in more than just making money and has made amazing contributions to the world. The calculators HP makes range from basic to financial, scientific, and graphing ones.

These calculators are great for students and professionals to figure out problems. Some of the graphing calculators are able to help you program and make sense of complex algebraic and numerical equations.

HP calculators can be a bit expensive, but they are worth it because they have great features and last a long time.

6. Bambalio

A leading brand that excels in calculators.

Bambalio has been making cool pens and stationery since 2007. They have over 400 products that are sent all around India. Bambalio makes all sorts of calculators, marker pens, paper shredders, correction pens, and price labellers. Bambalio calculators are really popular.

Notable Features of the Bambalio Brand:

The calculators made by Bambalio have an anti-scratch LCD made with high-quality material.

The electronic version of the calculator by Bambalio is perfect for shops that need to do calculations with up to 12 digits.

Each product is designed to last for a long time with anti-break technology that helps protect the device if it gets dropped or hit.

5. Canon

Among the top-rated brands for calculators.

Canon has calculators that are perfect . Their calculators are designed to look stylish and have plenty of features that make them easy to use. They have large LCD screens and memory keys, so you can remember all your calculations. Best of all, they are powered by solar energy and are very portable, so you can take them everywhere.

4. Texas Instruments

A top-tier brand renowned for its calculators.

Texas Instruments has been around for 30 years and is transforming the way we learn STEM subjects. Their scientific calculators have random number operations and random integer generators, plus they have the feature of automatic simplification of fractions to help math students in higher grades.

3. Flair

A reputable brand that offers superior calculators.

Flair has been making and selling pens since 1976, and has managed to spread their business to over 80 countries. They have a special way of making pens for big companies, like Pierre Cardin, Rudi Kellner, and Hauser, which they sell in India.

You can even get calculators from Flair. They make pocket calculators, scientific calculators, desktop calculators, and semi-desktop calculators. The best part is that they don’t need a lot of batteries and the displays are big enough to do complicated calculations.

2. Xech

One of the most esteemed brands in the calculator industry.

Xech Solutions Pvt. Ltd started out in 2012 as Theo Solutions Pvt. Ltd. They started out by making pen drives and later added other cool products, like calculators. They always keep in mind that they are the ones using the products, so they make sure to make products that are of the highest quality.

A lot of tech-savvy people work together in order to make great products.

Here’s a few cool features of Xech products:

– They use technology and craftsmanship to make really cool digital solutions.

– They have calculators and LCD writing pads in one combo that a lot of people really like.

– It comes with a stylus you can use to write on the screen.

– The calculator is battery-operated and runs really well.

– It has a lot of functions like GT, memory, and arithmetic calculations.

1. Orpat

A trusted and highly-regarded brand for calculators.

Orpat has been making great electronics and calculators for the past 50 years. They started in Surat, Gujarat, and now have a really awesome portfolio of products. From clocks to calculators, every product by Orpat is really good.

Plus, the company is doing their part to save the planet by using renewable energy in their operations.

The calculators Orpat makes are super special – they’re sustainable and made with eco-friendly materials. Plus, they have a strong cover so they don’t break easily.

Some calculators also have a cool auto replay feature that lets you go back and see your old calculations.

The scientific calculators have some special keys like the GT and MU keys that make calculations easier. And the best part is, their calculators run on a lithium-ion battery that lasts a long time.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a good calculator in India, there are many great brands to choose from. The best one is Orpat because they make calculators that are good for the environment and have strong covers so they don’t break easily. Xech is also a cool brand because they make calculators that you can write on with a special pen.

Other good brands include Flair, Texas Instruments, Canon, Bambalio, HP, Casio, Citizen, and Oreva. Each brand has its own special features, so it depends on what you need. Just remember to pick one that works well and lasts a long time.

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