10 Best Dark Chocolate in India

Dark chocolate is a delectable treat loved for its rich flavor and numerous health benefits. With a high cocoa content and less sugar, it’s packed with antioxidants, iron, and fiber. Indulging in a small piece can satisfy cravings and potentially lower the risk of heart disease. A true delight for the senses.

India, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse culinary traditions, has witnessed a growing appreciation for the velvety allure of dark chocolate. The popularity of this delectable treat has soared in recent years, captivating the palates of chocolate connoisseurs across the nation.

From its deep, intense flavors to its health benefits, dark chocolate has carved a special place in the hearts of dessert enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals alike.

In this article, we embark on a delightful journey to explore the world of dark chocolate in India, unearthing the finest brands, exquisite flavors, and captivating stories that make it the ultimate indulgence for chocolate aficionados in the country.

Join us as we unveil the best dark chocolate offerings that India has to offer, promising an unforgettable sensory experience for all chocolate lovers.

Best Dark Chocolate

The list of Best Dark Chocolate in India starts from here.

10. Mojo Thins Dark Chocolate Bar

One of the top-rated dark chocolate brands available.

Mojo Thins is a special brand of dark chocolate that is really yummy and has a great taste. It’s made with natural ingredients that are good for you, so you can enjoy it as a healthy snack.

You can find it in gift baskets for important people in your life, like for work or when you want to make someone feel good.

This chocolate is special because it doesn’t have sugar and it’s one of the best in India. It’s made with simple ingredients and has 50% cocoa that comes from Kerala.

The cool thing is that it’s a small piece of chocolate with almonds and sea salt. Each piece is just the right size to enjoy after a meal or as a snack in the middle of the day.

Price : ₹250 (100g)

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9. Butlers Mint Crunch Dark Chocolate Bar

A superior choice for high-quality and indulgent dark chocolate.

Introducing Butler’s dark chocolate with a mint crunch taste. This is the most delicious dark chocolate in India that kids like you will absolutely love. And guess what? It’s made from plant-based ingredients, so it’s completely vegan-friendly. Not only does it taste amazing, but it’s also good for your health.

You can enjoy this dark chocolate as a treat and even use it to make yummy desserts. The best part is that it’s free from any artificial flavors or preservatives, so it’s a great choice for a healthy snack during the day. And the price is affordable too. You can buy it for only Rs 449 for a 100g pack.

Don’t forget to try the mint flavor, it adds a refreshing twist to the chocolate. So go ahead, grab a bar of Butler’s dark chocolate with mint crunch and enjoy a delicious and guilt-free treat.

Price : ₹174 (40g)

8. Zevic Belgian Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate

Among the finest dark chocolate brands on the market.

Zevic makes really yummy dark chocolate that is special because it doesn’t have any sugar or carbohydrates. Their chocolate is made with cocoa butter that smells really good and comes all the way from Belgium.

They carefully choose the cocoa beans to make sure they taste great and then use a natural sweetener called stevia that has no calories.

This chocolate is really good for you because it has chemicals that are good for your body. So, when you eat it, it will make you smile a lot because it’s so delicious.

Price : ₹174 (40g)

7. BOGATCHI Immunity Booster Sugar Free Bar

A highly recommended brand for rich and flavorful dark chocolate.

This special dark chocolate is really good for your body’s defense system and it doesn’t have any sugar or harmful additives. It’s made with almost 100 percent cocoa, which is really healthy.

In India, this type of chocolate is considered to be the best because it has more good stuff in it compared to other chocolates.

It also has the highest amount of cocoa in the market, which is 99%, and instead of sugar, it uses a natural sweetener called stevia.

It tastes really yummy, especially when you have it with a cup of coffee, and it makes you feel really satisfied. If you want to boost your immune system, you should try this amazing chocolate without sugar.

Price : ₹389 (110g)

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6. Ketofy

An excellent option for connoisseurs of fine, premium dark chocolate.

The best dark chocolate for people who want to eat less carbs and sugar is called Ketofy Dark Chocolate. It’s been approved by FSSAI, which is an organization that checks if food is safe to eat.

This chocolate is great for pregnant women, helps your brain work well, and can also help with losing weight. It’s made from pure cocoa and unsweetened cocoa butter.

The amount of protein in this chocolate is 25% more than other chocolate bars that are similar. These special chocolate bars are designed to be healthy for people who follow a keto diet.

They’re made with natural ingredients and don’t have xylitol, hydrogenated oils, or other preservatives. The people who made this chocolate wanted to change the way people eat and make them healthier.

Price : ₹227 (50g)

5. Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme Noir Chocolate Bar

One of the most acclaimed brands known for their exceptional dark chocolate offerings.

Are you looking for the yummiest dark chocolate in India? Well, the Lindt Excellence Dark Chocolate is the one you should try. It’s a fancy brand that makes their chocolate taste amazing by using special cocoa beans.

The chocolate is super smooth and rich, and it melts really quickly in your mouth.

They also have a version with less cocoa, which is great for people who don’t eat meat. You can keep it in a cool, dry place to make it last longer. So, if you want the best dark chocolate, go for Lindt Excellence.

Price : ₹478 (2 X 100 G)

4. Cadbury Bournville Rich Cocoa Dark Chocolate Bar

A preferred choice among chocolate enthusiasts for its superior taste and quality.

Next on the list is a really healthy dark chocolate brand called Cadbury Bournville. It’s super good for you because it has lots of nutritious stuff in it. And guess what? It tastes amazing too.

The chocolate is really dark and smooth, and it’s made with 50% cocoa. So when you eat it, you’ll feel calm and relaxed, and it will definitely satisfy your sweet cravings.

Price : ₹500 (80g, Pack of 5)

3. KitKat Dark Special Edition

A standout dark chocolate brand with exceptional cacao sourcing and craftsmanship.

Have you heard of Kitkat? It’s a really popular chocolate brand. They recently came out with a special edition called Kitkat dark chocolate. It’s made from cocoa that is obtained responsibly, which means it’s good for the environment.

The flavor of Kitkat dark chocolate is super yummy. It has crispy wafers and a delicious blend of dark chocolate. It’s considered one of the best and fanciest dark chocolates out there.

If you get a pack of Kitkat dark chocolate, you’ll have 11 pieces that you can share with your friends. It’s a really tasty treat that you’ll all enjoy.

Price : ₹419 (170g)

2. Hershey’s Special Dark

One of the most highly regarded brands for consistently delicious and decadent dark chocolate.

Hershey is a famous company that makes delicious dark chocolate. One of their best chocolates is called Hershey Special 100% Cocoa Dark chocolate.

It’s made with a mix of different kinds of cocoa, which gives it a really good taste. It’s very dark and rich, so if you like strong chocolate, you’ll love it.

Price : ₹664 (226g)

1. Amul Cacao Ultimate Dark Chocolate

A premium dark chocolate brand that surpasses expectations in depth of flavor and smoothness.

Amul Dark Chocolate is super tasty. It’s made with 99 percent cacao, which means it’s really rich in dark chocolate flavor. Lots of people love it, no matter how old they are.

It’s even good for you because it has antioxidants. This special Amul chocolate has no added sugar, so it’s perfect if you like bitter flavors. But be careful, it’s really, really bitter, so make sure you already enjoy their other dark chocolates before trying this one. It’s like the ultimate bitterness in chocolate.

Price : ₹320 (125g, Pack of 2)

In conclusion, the world of dark chocolate in India offers a delightful array of options for chocolate enthusiasts. From the rich and intense flavors of Amul Cacao Ultimate Dark Chocolate to the smooth and velvety Lindt Excellence Dark Supreme Noir, there is something to satisfy every palate.

Whether you’re looking for sugar-free options like Zevic Belgian Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate or seeking the refreshing twist of mint in Butlers Mint Crunch, the top brands in India have you covered. With their high cocoa content and health benefits, these dark chocolates not only tantalize your taste buds but also offer a guilt-free indulgence.

So go ahead, treat yourself to the finest dark chocolates in India and experience the sheer bliss they have to offer.

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