10 Best Dry Fruits Brands in India

Dry fruits are nutrient-packed treasures, their water content removed, intensifying flavors and extending shelf life. A powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they offer a delicious and healthy snack option.

From almonds to apricots, raisins to walnuts, each bite is a burst of natural goodness, perfect for a nourishing treat.

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian cuisine, dry fruits have established themselves as an indispensable part, known for their richness in flavor, texture, and health benefits.

The quest for the finest dry fruits leads us to explore the realm of brands, each with its unique blend of quality, heritage, and innovation.

From the sun-kissed orchards to the packaging that preserves their essence, the market is adorned with contenders vying for the title of the “Best Dry Fruits Brands in India.”

In this exploration, we uncover the choicest picks that encapsulate the essence of nutritious indulgence, adding a dash of wellness to our lives.

Best Dry Fruits

The list of Best Dry Fruits Brands in India starts from here.

10. Ancy Natural Dry Fruit

A leading brand in the realm of dried fruits.

Ancy has really yummy snacks that are good for you. Their snacks are like the ones nature made, with no extra flavors or stuff that keeps them fresh for a long time.

Their dry fruits and nuts are like little protein and nutrient powerhouses. And the best part is, they’re not super sweet like some snacks.

If you love munching on dry fruits, you should definitely try Ancy. They’re known for being one of the top dry fruit brands in India and their snacks are fresh and crunchy.

Here are some of the cool things they have:

  • Different kinds of dry fruits
  • Dates (those are delicious.)
  • Cashew nuts (super tasty.)
  • Khurmani (sounds interesting, right?)
  • Munakka (a unique treat)
  • Afghani Anjeer (a special type of dry fruit)

So, if you’re into healthy and yummy snacks, give Ancy a try

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9. Go Organic Dry Fruit

Among the top-notch brands for dried fruits.

This special brand is called “Go Organic,” and they make really healthy and natural foods. Imagine delicious treats that are good for you, with no extra flavors or fake stuff added.

They create lots of different things that you can use in meals, salads, and snacks. They’re famous for being the best brand for dry fruits in India. They even got a special certification to prove how organic they are.

Some of the yummiest things they make include:

  • Walnuts
  • Dry fruits (like raisins and apricots)
  • Seeds (super healthy stuff)
  • Pista (fancy name for tasty pistachios)
  • Dates (those sweet and chewy fruits)

If you want to buy a bag of their awesome organic dry fruits, it costs 319 Rs. They’re really good for you and taste great too.

8. Carnival Dry Fruit

A premier choice for high-quality dried fruits.

Carnival is like a super special food brand that makes really yummy and healthy snacks with dried fruits and nuts. They pick the best ones from different countries, and guess what? They have a special certificate that says they’re super good at making these snacks safely.

All their snacks are made from natural stuff, and they even get some of them from a faraway place called the USA. They put these delicious treats in special bags that keep them super fresh. They’re like the coolest snack brand in India.

Oh, and let me tell you about some of their awesome snacks:

  • Pista (that’s like tasty green nuts)
  • Almond (yum, those are the crunchy ones)
  • Seeds (tiny and healthy)
  • Nuts (all kinds of nutty goodness)
  • Dry fruits (fruits made all sweet and chewy)
  • Dates (like nature’s candy)
  • Walnut (like a brain-shaped nut, hehe)
  • Blueberries (super tasty and colorful)

And the best part? You can get some of these snacks starting at just 180 Rs. Isn’t that cool? So, if you want delicious and healthy snacks, Carnival is the way to go.

7. Sainik’s Dry Fruit

One of the finest brands for premium dried fruits.

Sainik is a super trustworthy and really good brand in India that makes yummy dried fruits. They make these fruits so delicious because they want their customers to be happy. They really care about making people feel good and healthy.

The special thing about Sainik is that they make sure the stuff they give you has lots of good things for your body. It’s like a treasure trove of nutrients and minerals. Their dried fruits are like little bites of wellness.

They have some really cool things, like nuts that are dried, almonds which are super tasty, pistachios (we call them pista, sounds fun, right?), jams made from fruits, and also seeds that are dried. Oh, and they have something called “Acrot Dry fruit,” which is probably very tasty too.

If you want to get a pack of Sainik’s Dry Fruits, it costs 245 Rs. That’s how much it costs to have a little taste of their yummy and healthy snacks.

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6. Urban Platter Dry Fruit

A go-to brand for delicious dried fruits.

Urban Platter is a really popular and trusted food brand in India. They make the yummiest and healthiest dried fruits. Two brothers named Dhaval and Chirag started this brand in 2015, and people really love their delicious snacks.

Imagine crunchy, tasty fruits and nuts that are good for you. They have a big range of these snacks, like different types of dried fruits, nuts, seeds, and even dehydrated veggies. They also have spices to make your food extra tasty.

Their motto is all about bringing people together with great food. The price for a pack of their yummy dried fruits starts at 250 Rs.

So, if you want some yummy and healthy snacks, Urban Platter is a great choice.

5. Tulsi Dry Fruit

An exemplary brand in the world of dried fruits.

Tulsi is a really famous company in India that makes delicious dry fruits. They’re like the superheroes of dry fruits because they make the best ones in the whole country.

They’re so good that people from all over the world want to eat their yummy snacks.

Tulsi makes sure their snacks are super safe to eat, and they have special certificates to prove it. They send their snacks to more than 20 countries, which is really impressive.

They have lots of different snacks, like nuts, seeds, jams, and even special fruits like pista.

The prices for their snacks are between 190 Rs and 2170 Rs, and you can even buy them online. So if you ever want some super tasty and healthy snacks, you can try Tulsi’s dry fruits. They’re really awesome.

4. Vedaka Dry Fruit

A top-tier option for gourmet dried fruits.

You can buy yummy Vedaka dry fruits from the internet. They have lots of different nuts and seeds that are super crunchy and tasty.

This brand is one of the best in India if you love crispy and nutty snacks. And the good news is, all their snacks are really safe to eat.

Vedaka makes sure their dry fruits are packed in a clean and safe way, and they test them really quickly to make sure they’re super good. So, you’re getting healthy and delicious snacks.

They have things like tiny seeds (like chia, sunflower, flax, and pumpkin seeds), nuts, special and rare dry fruits, and yummy almonds.

The price of these snacks can be between 90 Rs. to 1350 Rs. for one pack. You can order them online and have them delivered to your home.

3. Solimo Dry Fruit

A standout brand known for its superior dried fruits.

Solimo is a really good brand for dry fruits in India. They make sure all their dry fruits are super natural and carefully chosen by hand.

They’re very serious about making sure their stuff is really good. They check it a lot to be sure it’s safe to eat.

They’re always working to make their products even better, and they care a lot about giving people a lot of options. Instead of spending a lot of money on ads, they use that money to make their dry fruits the best they can be. People really like their dry fruits in India.

Some of the yummy things they have are:

  1. Different kinds of dry fruits.
  2. Nuts (like cashews, almonds, etc.).
  3. Dates (those are really sweet and tasty).
  4. Almonds (a type of nut that’s really good for you).
  5. Fruit Jams (for spreading on bread or crackers).

They don’t charge a lot of money for their great quality dry fruits. For example, 250 grams of fresh cashew nuts from Solimo costs 350 Rs. You can also buy a mix of different dry fruits online.

So, if you want some really good and healthy snacks, Solimo is a great choice.

2. Nutraj Dry Fruit

A renowned choice for delectable dried fruits.

Nutraj is a really cool brand that sells delicious and healthy snacks made from nuts and fruits. They’re like the kings of nuts. They’re super popular in India and they’re making their snacks even better to match what people want.

Here are some of the yummy things they have:

  1. Crunchy almonds that are roasted.
  2. Tasty pista (that’s another word for pistachios) with a little bit of salt.
  3. More pista, but this time roasted, so they’re extra yummy.
  4. Snacks made from okra (a veggie) that are spiced and crispy.
  5. Chips made from beetroot that are crispy and delicious.
  6. Sweet potatoes with a tasty spicy flavor.
  7. Jams made from healthy fruits and nuts.
  8. Walnut and cinnamon honey, sounds yummy, right?
  9. Special and unique types of dried fruits.
  10. Jam with the flavors of honey and banana, with a hint of rum.

All these snacks are good for you and they’re not heavy, so you can take them with you wherever you go. The prices range from 150 Rs. to 900 Rs. You can order these yummy snacks online and enjoy them.

1. Happilo Dry Fruit

An excellent brand offering top-quality dried fruits.

Happilo is a really yummy and healthy food brand that started in 2016. They’re based in Bengaluru. They make lots of different types of snacks that are good for you, like dried fruits, nuts, crunchy snacks, and even special mixes. They also have organic seeds and special gift packs.

People really like Happilo because their snacks taste great and they’re good for you. They’ve become really famous and have stores all over India.

Imagine, you can buy a big bag of Happilo dried fruits that weigh 1 kilogram for only 120 rupees. So, it’s like getting a lot of tasty snacks for a good price.

In the colorful array of India’s dry fruit market, these top brands stand out as the epitome of quality and nourishment.

From Ancy’s natural simplicity to the organic goodness of Go Organic, the gourmet treats of Carnival, the wellness gems of Sainik, the culinary artistry of Urban Platter, the global excellence of Tulsi, the crunchy delights of Vedaka, the meticulous care of Solimo, the nutty splendor of Nutraj, to the satisfying affordability of Happilo – each brand weaves a unique tapestry of flavors and well-being, making them the quintessential choice for the best dry fruits in India.

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