10 Best Organic Honey in India

Organic honey is honey that has been produced without the use of synthetic chemicals, antibiotics, and other artificial inputs.

It is naturally produced by bees, and it is known for its many health benefits, such as its antioxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties.

Organic honey is known for its many health benefits, and India is one of the largest producers of honey in the world.

The country produces some of the best and most delicious organic honey due to its diverse climate and variety of flowering plants.

Organic honey is made without the use of any chemicals or pesticides, making it a healthier alternative to regular honey.

This article will explore the best organic honey in India and how it can benefit your health.

With its unique flavor and health benefits, organic honey is an excellent choice for anyone looking to add a little sweetness to their life.

Best Organic Honey

The list of Best Organic Honey Brands in India starts from here.

10. Baidyanath

One of the finest organic honeys available.

Baidyanath has been in the Indian market for more than 100 years, offering a huge range of Ayurvedic products. With over 700 different formulas, their honey is a favorite all over the world.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 325

9. Himalayan Natives

Among the top-tier organic honeys on the market.

Himalayan Natives is an Indian brand that makes healthy and cool products. They make sure that all their stuff is made in an ethical way, which means it is really trustworthy and real. One of their most popular products is their honey.

The Himalayan Natives Multifloral Raw Honey is made from the nectar of many different flowers and has pollen in it, so it’s really good for you and your body.

It’s not been cooked in a factory so it tastes and looks like the honey you get from nature. It helps to keep your body strong and healthy because it has things in it that fight off bad germs and viruses and stop your cells from getting damaged.

Price: ₹ 299

Quantity: 700 gms

8. Nature’s Nectar

A prime example of exceptional organic honey.

Established in 1967, Nature’s Nectar delivers products that are made with care. Their first product was their amazing honey sourced from certified beekeepers in Sunderbans, India. Every batch is tested by Intertek Germany to make sure it is safe and healthy.

Nature’s Nectar honey is free from C3/C4 sugar, pesticides and chemicals. It is natural and pure and is tested using NMR. It has also been certified by NPOP/NOP/FSSC/ BRC, so you know it is safe to eat. It is full of nutrients and antioxidants and is a great choice for you.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 224

7. DiSano

One of the most superior organic honeys you can find.

Disano is a brand that offers lots of healthy foods for your kitchen. They have pure honey that has no added sugar, and it also has lots of vitamins and minerals that help you digest and use energy more effectively.

It meets all standards set by FSSAI and other international organizations, so you know it’s safe to eat. Plus, it’s often on sale, so if you’re looking for a bargain, it’s a great choice.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 229

6. Dadev

A top-notch choice for those seeking pure and natural honey.

Dadev India collects honey from all the Himalayan regions in India. The honey is unprocessed and natural, and it has high levels of pollen.

They also make sure that it passes the NMR test, which shows that it is real and of good quality.

Quantity: 750 gms

Price: ₹ 473

5. Patanjali

An exemplary organic honey that stands out in quality and flavor.

Patanjali Ayurveda is an Indian company that makes Ayurvedic products and other food and personal care items.

Their Pure Honey is one of the most popular products and is safe to eat, according to the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

It comes from the nectar of flowers and is sweeter than regular sugar because it has fructose and glucose. It is also high in minerals and vitamins, and has antiseptic qualities which help heal injuries faster, as well as purify your blood.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 315

4. Saffola

One of the crème de la crème options for organic honeys.

Saffola was started in India in 1988 and changed its name in 1989. Since then, it has become a very popular brand that makes Heart-Healthy Foods like its pure honey.

This honey doesn’t have any added sugar or anything bad in it and it is safe for anyone to eat. The honey goes through a lot of checks to make sure it is really pure and good.

An advanced test from a special lab in Germany is done to ensure the quality of the honey before it goes to your table.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 254

3. Indigenous Honey

A premium selection of organic honeys that surpasses others.

Indigenous Honey is a cool, new brand in India. They’re a small-scale beekeeping business in the Gir forest in Gujarat and they get their honey straight from beekeepers.

This honey is tested to make sure it’s okay to eat, and it’s 100% natural, pure, and unfiltered. It has pollen and beeswax particles that have lots of good medicinal benefits.

It also has lots of awesome enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants. Plus, the brand has a special code to make sure you get the right honey.

Quantity: 530 gms

Price: ₹ 589

2. Apis

Among the elite organic honeys worth considering.

Apis is a growing brand in India that makes honey, dates, and pickles. They got popular after launching a 1+1 Honey jar offer. Their Apis Himalaya Honey is made from beautiful Himalayan valleys.

You can get ginger, lemon, organic, and honey with nuts. Apis is certified by Intertek, meaning they have a Food Safety Management System.

They have a testing lab, processing, and filtration of honey. They also make honey in Roorkee, India, with amazing facilities, so they can make minimally filtered honey that still tastes great.

Quantity: 1 kg

Price: ₹ 469

1. Dabur

An outstanding choice for those in search of high-quality organic honey.

Dabur is an amazing Indian brand that makes natural and Ayurvedic products. They are most famous for their pure and delicious honey. Dabur honey is India’s oldest honey and has no added sugar, so it’s perfect to put on your breakfast to make it healthier.

The honey is made with special guidelines from the FSSAI and also passes European standards for sugar content, like those from Germany. Best of all, Dabur gets their honey from local beekeepers, so you know it’s fresh and high quality.

Quantity: 400 gms

Price: ₹ 300

In conclusion, India offers a wide range of excellent organic honey brands that are known for their quality, purity, and health benefits.

From well-established names like Dabur and Baidyanath to emerging brands like Indigenous Honey and Himalayan Natives, these organic honey options cater to different tastes and preferences.

The honey is sourced from diverse regions, including the Himalayan valleys and Sunderbans, ensuring a rich and flavorful experience.

With certifications, rigorous testing, and adherence to safety standards, these brands provide assurance of the honey’s authenticity and nutritional value. Whether you’re looking for a natural sweetener or seeking the health benefits of organic honey, these top brands in India have got you covered.

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