10 Best Sipper for Babies in India

Sippers for babies are specially designed feeding bottles with spill-proof spouts, ideal for infants transitioning to self-feeding. These ergonomic and safe sippers promote independence while preventing messy spills.

They offer a comfortable grip, easy-to-clean features, and come in various sizes, making them a popular choice for parents and caregivers alike.

Welcome to the world of parenthood, where every little detail matters, including finding the perfect sipper for your precious little one.

In India, with a plethora of options available, choosing the “Best Sipper for Babies” can be both exciting and overwhelming. A sipper is not just a drinking accessory; it plays a crucial role in supporting your baby’s transition from bottle-feeding to independent sipping.

From spill-proof designs to age-appropriate functionalities, this guide aims to simplify your search, providing valuable insights and recommendations to ensure your baby’s hydration needs are met with utmost safety, convenience, and comfort.

Let’s embark on this journey to discover the ideal sippers that will keep your little bundle of joy happy and hydrated.

Best Sipper for Babies

The list of Best Sipper for Babies in India starts from here.

10. Mee Mee Easy Grip Twin Handle Sipper Cup

One of the finest baby sippers available.

Introducing the Mee Mee Easy Grip Twin Handle Sipper, the perfect solution for your little one to enjoy fuss-free sipping of liquids.

9. Mee Mee Easy Grip Twin Handle Non-Spill Sipper Cup

A top-notch choice for a baby sipper.

Switching to the Mee Mee Easy Grip Twin Handle Non-Spill Sipper Cup will be a breeze for your little one.

8. Mee Mee 2 in 1 Spout & Straw Sipper Cup

Among the best baby sippers on the market.

A product meticulously crafted for optimal comfort and safe drinking experiences. This BPA-free sipper boasts a lightweight design with twin handles, a convenient spout, and a straw, empowering your little one to sip fluids with confidence and independence.

Rest assured, this sipper adheres to international standards of hygiene and safety, making it a top-notch choice for your baby.

7. Babyhug Ergo Grip Soft Spout Sipper

A standout option for a high-quality baby sipper

Ideal for infants aged six months and older, this sippy cup stands out as an excellent option, free from handles. Its cleverly textured surface allows your little one to grip and sip with ease.

Crafted from safe, BPA-free materials and featuring a soft spout, this cup ensures a secure and pleasant drinking experience for your child.

6. Chicco Insulated Active Cup

One of the most excellent baby sippers you can find.

The Chicco Insulated Active Cup stands out as the top choice for toddlers aged 14 months and above. With its convenient removable valve, your child can sip without any spills, while the sturdy beak facilitates a smooth transition to a regular cup.

Additionally, the cup’s insulation ensures that fluids remain at the desired temperature for several hours.

5. Babyhug Hushie Soft Spout Sipper With Handle

A prime example of a top-tier baby sipper.

Introducing the Babyhug Hushie Soft Spout Sipper – the perfect solution for feeding your little one with confidence. This sipper cup is thoughtfully designed to provide worry-free drinking experiences for juices, milk, and water.

Crafted with BPA-free materials, it prioritizes your child’s safety. The spill-proof and gentle spout guarantee that your little one can enjoy their beverages securely and mess-free.

4. Chicco Transition Cup With Soft Silicone Spout

A top contender for the best baby sipper category.

Introducing the Chicco Transition Cup with Soft Silicone Spout, thoughtfully crafted for children aged 4 to 18 months.

Equipped with a double anti-colic valve and an anti-drop system, this cup facilitates a smooth transition from suckling to independent drinking with a bit of practice.

Rest assured, this BPA-free sipper is designed to instill confidence in babies and toddlers as they master the art of drinking from a cup.

3. Babyhug Hard Spout Non Spill Sipper Cup With Handle

Among the crème de la crème of baby sippers.

Ensuring the utmost safety for babies is our top priority. Introducing the Babyhug Hard Spout Non-Spill Sipper Cup, specially designed to prevent any liquid spillage as your little one learns to drink from it.

This product is crafted without BPA, ensuring a safe and healthy experience. It also comes with a convenient cover, allowing you to carry fluids hygienically and securely wherever you go.

2. Avent Classic Spout Cup With Handles

A superior option when it comes to baby sippers

Introducing one of the top sippers designed specifically for babies as young as six months old. Its innovative design features easy-grip handles, enabling little ones to hold it securely and sip comfortably from the soft and flexible spout.

Rest assured, this product is entirely BPA-free, ensuring a safe experience for your precious baby.

With the included cap, fluids can be stored hygienically, adding to its convenience.

Moreover, the sippy cup comes with interchangeable handles, compatible with other Avent bottles and sippers, making it a seamless transition when your baby is ready for cups. Simply remove the handles and support their progression with ease.

1. Babyhug Sipper Cup With Twin Handles

A highly recommended baby sipper that stands out from the rest.

Crafted from premium BPA-free, food-grade materials, the Babyhug Sipper Cup with Twin Handles is an ideal choice for infants above the age of six months.

Its thoughtful design enables the baby to grasp the sipper with both hands and sip from the spout effortlessly, ensuring no messy spills.

The sports-style sipper comes with a convenient cap, promoting hygienic and controlled feeding over more extended periods.

In conclusion, when it comes to choosing the best sipper for babies in India, safety, comfort, and convenience are of utmost importance.

The top contenders on our list, including the Babyhug Sipper Cup with Twin Handles, Avent Classic Spout Cup with Handles, and Chicco Transition Cup with Soft Silicone Spout, offer innovative designs and BPA-free materials, ensuring worry-free sipping experiences for your little ones.

Whether you’re looking for spill-proof options, soft spouts, or ergonomic handles, these sippers cater to various age groups and stages of development, promoting independence and healthy hydration habits.

Embrace parenthood with confidence, armed with the perfect sipper to support your baby’s self-feeding journey.


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