20 Best Ladies Top Brand in India

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In the dynamic realm of fashion, where style meets diversity, discovering the preeminent ladies’ top brand is an art in itself.

In India, a country celebrated for its rich cultural tapestry, the quest for the finest women’s top brand becomes even more intriguing.

This journey takes us through a medley of design philosophies, fabric choices, and aesthetic visions, all woven together by brands vying for the title of the “Best Ladies Top Brand.”

From timeless classics to contemporary trends, this exploration unveils the pinnacle of fashion excellence, reflecting the essence of Indian femininity and sartorial ingenuity.

Best Ladies Top

The list of Best Ladies Top Brands in India starts from here.

20. Gap

A premier women's brand that stands out.

Gap Inc. is a really cool clothing brand that started a long time ago in 1969 by a couple named Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher.

It’s from the US and has its main office in a city called San Francisco. Gap makes clothes that people all around the world love to wear.

They have lots of stores everywhere, even in different countries. You can buy Gap clothes on their website or on other online shopping sites too.

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19. Pantaloons

Among the top choices for ladies' fashion.

Pantaloons is a really famous brand in India that makes cool clothes. It’s like a big store where you can buy clothes and stuff to wear. They have clothes for everyone – boys, girls, grown-ups – everyone.

They’ve got lots of stores all over the country, more than 300 of them. People really like their clothes.

18. Forever 21

A leading brand synonymous with women's elegance.

A long time ago, there was a store called Fashion 21 that sold clothes. The people who started it were named Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang. They began in 1984 and now have their main office in Los Angeles, California.

The store’s name changed to Forever 21, and it has grown a lot since then. You can find their stores in India too, where they sell nice clothes that aren’t too expensive and are still really good quality.

17. Zara

A renowned choice for women's fashion enthusiasts.

Zara is a really popular brand that sells trendy clothes quickly. It started in 1975 by two people named Amancio Ortega and Rosalía Mera. Zara is from Spain and has many stores all over the world.

It’s super famous in Europe and Asia. They make really nice shirts, pants, underwear, and perfumes too.

16. Chumbak

A prime selection for top-tier ladies' brands.

In 2010, a person named Vivek Prabhakar started something cool called Chumbak. It’s a big store in India where they sell things like colorful accessories.

Chumbak is special because it looks different from other stores. It has its own style that’s full of bright and artsy things, which makes it really stand out.

At first, Chumbak was all about selling souvenirs, which are like special things you buy to remember a place. But over time, more and more people liked what Chumbak had, and it became popular.

They didn’t just sell souvenirs anymore – they also started selling clothes and other accessories that people can wear.

So, Chumbak started small, selling souvenirs, but now it’s a big and popular store in India that’s known for its unique and colorful style.

15. Fabindia

An exemplary brand when it comes to women's fashion.

In 1960, a person named John Bissell started something really cool called Fabindia. It’s a big store where they sell clothes and things that are made in India.

But these things are extra special because they’re all made by super talented artists. They make not just clothes, but also stuff for your home and unique things that show the Indian culture.

The main office of Fabindia is in a place called New Delhi, and guess what? They don’t just sell things in one place. They send their things to people all around the world.

You can even buy their stuff on the internet. And every year, they open more and more real stores where you can go inside and see everything up close.

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14. Westside

A standout name in the realm of women's top brands.

Westside is a really cool and trendy clothing brand in India. It started in 1998 and is owned by the Tata Group. It’s based in Mumbai.

They have a bunch of different lines like Gia, LOV, Sassy Soda, Luna Blu, and WES that sell clothes, shoes, and makeup stuff. The best part is they make clothes for all sizes, including plus sizes, which is awesome.

13. Mango

A go-to option for those seeking the best in women's wear.

Mango is a fancy clothing store from Spain that sells really nice clothes for kids, grown-ups, and even parents. They started in 1984 and have their main office in Spain.

They’re famous for their really good clothes that they sell all over the world. They also have a cool website where people in India can buy their clothes online.

12. Flying Machine

A frontrunner among top-notch brands for ladies.

Flying Machine is a really cool clothing brand from India that makes awesome clothes for young people. They became really popular for their super comfy denim clothes made right at home.

And guess what? Now they also make really cool and comfy everyday clothes. Instead of copying what everyone else is doing, they come up with new and creative styles that make them stand out.

11. Globus

A distinguished brand known for its ladies' collections.

Globus is a big store that sells clothes in India. It’s like a shop with lots of clothes to choose from. It started in 1998 and its main office is in Mumbai.

People really started liking it when Kareena Kapoor Khan started telling everyone about it in 2008. You can buy their clothes on the internet or at stores near where you live.

10. Lee Cooper

One of the finest women's brands on the market.

Lee Cooper is a really cool brand that makes comfy clothes for hanging out. It started a long time ago in 1908 by a person named Morris Cooper, and its main office is in London, UK.

The brand got super famous for making awesome jeans and other clothes. Now, it’s popular all over the world, and you can buy really nice jeans, shirts, tops, and bags from them.

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9. Levi’s

A top-tier choice for women who appreciate quality.

Levi’s is a super famous clothing brand known all around the world. They’re really good at making special clothes out of a material called denim. This brand started a really long time ago, in 1853, by a person named Levi Strauss.

Their main office is in San Francisco, USA. Since then, they’ve become really, really popular and their business has grown a lot in the last 20 years.

8. Allen Solly

An emblematic brand that caters to women's fashion desires.

In 1993, a brand called Allen Solly was started by a company named Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, which is part of the Aditya Birla Group. Allen Solly is really popular for selling modern clothes for girls in India.

Lots of people like to buy clothes from there. It’s become one of the biggest clothing brands in India and has many stores all around the country.

7. Aurelia

A reputable name that defines excellence in women's wear.

In the year 2001, two people named Mr. OS Pasricha and Mr. AS Pasricha started something called Aurelia. They did this under a company named TCNS Clothing Ltd.

Now, Aurelia is not like all the other Indian brands. It’s special because it mixes styles from the West and India to make cool and modern clothes.

Aurelia’s main office is in New Delhi, and guess what? They have more than 400 stores all over India now. So, it’s a big deal.


A celebrated brand renowned for dressing women impeccably.

There’s this really cool clothing brand called ONLY, and it’s owned by a company called Bestseller. It started in 1995 and was all about making denim clothes like jeans.

But as time went on, they started making all sorts of different clothes too. They’re based in Denmark, but they work really well in India and have lots of people who love their clothes there.

5. Vero Moda

A symbol of sophistication and style in women's fashion.

Vero Moda started in 1987 and is owned by a big European company called Bestseller. They make really cool clothes that are new and exciting.

Vero Moda is super popular for girls’ clothes and Bestseller sells a lot of them.

4. AND

A go-to brand for ladies seeking the epitome of fashion.

In 1995, a cool person named Anita Dogre started a fashion brand called AND. It’s really popular in India and makes stylish clothes for people.

The company that owns AND also has another brand called Global Desi, which is all about bohemian style.

In 2013, AND went to another country and opened stores in Mauritius. Lots of people really like AND and many girls enjoy buying their clothes on the internet or from their shops.

3. Rareism

An influential name in the world of women's top brands.

Rareism is a super fancy fashion store in India. It’s like a special section of the cool brand called The House of Rare, and it started in 2019. This store sells really nice clothes for girls.

They use really pretty fabrics to make these clothes. If you want to wear unique and stylish outfits every day, you should definitely take a look at Rareism.

2. Biba

A brand that redefines women's fashion with its excellence.

Biba is a big store in India that sells clothes that are a mix of Indian and Western styles for women. It started in 1988 when a lady named Meena Bindra began making clothes at her house.

Now, Biba has over 150 stores all over India. This store has worked with many famous people from movies and has become really popular.

1. Pepe Jeans

A standout brand that graces women with unparalleled fashion options.

Pepe Jeans is a really famous clothing brand that started in London a long time ago, in 1973. It was created by three brothers who loved clothes and fashion a lot.

The brand has become super popular all around the world since then. Even though it started in London, now its main office is in Spain.

Pepe Jeans makes and sells clothes in Europe, America, and Asia, and it’s loved by many people.

In the vibrant tapestry of India’s fashion landscape, numerous brands have woven their unique threads to create a stunning array of ladies’ tops.

From the fusion of traditional and contemporary at Biba to the global charm of Pepe Jeans, each brand imparts its own essence. This rich tapestry caters to diverse tastes, combining craftsmanship and innovation.

The journey through these top brands reveals a blend of culture, style, and creativity that epitomizes the modern Indian woman’s sartorial expression.

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