5 Best Skateboard in India with Price

A skateboard is a small, wheeled board used for transportation and recreational activities. It consists of a wooden deck mounted on four wheels, allowing riders to glide and perform tricks.

Popular among youth and urban commuters, skateboarding combines art, sport, and freedom, providing an exhilarating and creative form of self-expression.

Skateboarding has become an exhilarating and popular sport in India, captivating the hearts of thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts alike.

Whether you’re a seasoned skateboarder or a curious beginner looking to dive into this exciting world, finding the perfect skateboard can be a daunting task. Fear not.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore a curated selection of top-notch skateboards available in India, considering factors like performance, durability, design, and, most importantly, their price.

Get ready to discover the ideal skateboard that will not only elevate your riding experience but also fit your budget perfectly.

Best Skateboard

The list of Best Skateboard in India starts from here.

5. Iris Skateboards

An outstanding skateboard that surpasses expectations.

Iris is a super cool brand that makes awesome skateboards. They want you to have the best skateboarding experience ever.

The skateboards they create are way better than others because they have unique and creative designs on them. When you ride an Iris skateboard, it helps you feel more creative and awesome.

And guess what? These skateboards go through lots of tests to make sure they are super high-quality and safe for you to use. So you can be confident that you’re getting a really great skateboard.

Go out there and have a blast riding your Iris skateboard, and show off your creativity while doing it.

Price Starts from ₹599

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4. Nivia Skateboards

Among the top-notch skateboards in the industry.

Nivia skateboards are super cool skateboards made just for skateboarders who love skating a lot. They are like the boards used by professional skaters, so you know they are awesome.

The best part is, they come in lots of different designs and colors, so you can pick the one you like best. And guess what? They won’t cost you too much, so they are affordable for your pocket money.

Get ready to show off your skills with a Nivia skateboard.

Price Starts from ₹2,560

3. Baker Skateboards

A superior choice for skaters looking for quality and performance.

Baker skateboards are super cool and loved by young skateboarders like you. They have a legendary style that makes messy look super fancy and cool.

The designs on the skateboards show how much focus skateboarders need while they’re doing awesome tricks on the ramps.

Baker skateboards aren’t just any brand; they’re like a special feeling you get when you own one. So, if you have a Baker deck, it’s like having a piece of excitement and fun with you while skateboarding.

Price Starts from N/A

2. Element Skateboards

One of the finest skateboard brands available.

“Check out these awesome Element Skateboards. They have a cool tagline: ‘Wind, Water, Fire & Earth,’ which means they’re super durable.

You can use them for skateboarding on ramps, roads, and rails to show off your skills. The deck is really strong and has a really cool design on it. If you get one, everyone will be amazed by your awesome skateboard.”

Price Starts from ₹799

1. Prokick Skateboards

A skateboard that sets a new standard for excellence in the sport.

Imagine there’s this super cool Indian online shop called Prokick Sports that sells all kinds of sports stuff you could ever want.

They have an amazing collection of skateboards, and guess what? They are not only awesome but also affordable, starting at just Rs 1,200.

These skateboards are top-notch, meaning they are made really well and look fantastic. The designs on them are so cool that you’ll want to show them off to everyone when you’re skateboarding at the ramp or park.

So, if you’re into skateboarding or want to start, Prokick Sports is the place to go. You’ll find the perfect skateboard with amazing artwork without spending too much money.

Price Starts from ₹1,279

In conclusion, the skateboarding scene in India is thriving with a variety of excellent options to choose from. Whether you seek creative designs or top-notch performance, there’s a skateboard that fits your preferences and budget.

Iris Skateboards offer unique designs for a fun and creative experience, while Nivia Skateboards provide affordability without compromising quality.

Baker Skateboards bring legendary style and excitement, while Element Skateboards boast durability and cool designs.

However, the top spot goes to Prokick Skateboards, an Indian online shop offering top-notch, affordable skateboards with fantastic artwork. So, gear up, hit the ramps, and let the skateboarding adventure begin.

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