9 Best Badminton Shoes in India

Badminton shoes are specialized footwear designed for the sport of badminton. They provide excellent grip, support, and cushioning to enhance performance and prevent injuries.

With features like non-marking soles and lightweight construction, badminton shoes are essential for agility, quick movements, and optimal court traction during intense gameplay.

When it comes to excelling in any sport, having the right equipment is crucial, and badminton is no exception. Among the essential gear for badminton players, a reliable pair of shoes can significantly impact performance on the court.

In India, a country passionate about sports, badminton holds a special place, with a thriving community of players at all levels.

Whether you are a professional athlete or an enthusiastic beginner, finding the best badminton shoes tailored to the Indian market becomes essential for optimizing your game.

In this article, we will explore the top-rated badminton shoes available in India, considering factors such as comfort, durability, traction, and support, to help you make an informed decision and step up your badminton game.

Best Badminton Shoes

The list of Best Badminton Shoes in India starts from here.

9. Li Ning Ultra Fly II Non Marking Shoes

A top-rated brand that delivers unmatched quality and responsiveness for badminton players.

Li Ning has a really cool badminton shoe that’s affordable. It’s super awesome because it has a special midsole that helps you jump and move really well. The midsole is made of bouncy material that gives you lots of support and cushioning, so you can jump high and land softly without hurting your feet.

The shoe also has a new kind of upper part made of breathable and lightweight material. This means your feet won’t get sweaty and the shoe won’t feel heavy. And of course, it comes in really cool colors and designs that you’ll love.

So, if you’re looking for a great badminton shoe that won’t cost too much, this one from Li Ning is a fantastic choice.

8. Victor AS 37

A premium label known for its exceptional craftsmanship and advanced features in badminton shoes.

The Victor AS 37 is an amazing badminton shoe that is perfect for professional players who are good at all aspects of the game. It has special technology that makes it really cool and it looks great too.

One of the cool things about this shoe is that it has something called ENERGY MAX 3.0. This makes the shoe extra bouncy, so when you jump or run, it gives you more power. It also helps to absorb the shock when you land, so it doesn’t hurt your feet.

The bottom of the shoe has a special kind of rubber that helps you not slip on the court.

It has a pattern on it that makes it stick to the ground really well, so you can quickly change direction without sliding.

The shoe is also made with a special kind of material called X-FIT. This material is really breathable, which means your feet won’t get too hot and sweaty. It’s also really flexible, so you can move your feet easily while playing.

Inside the shoe, there are different layers that make it comfortable. It has a soft material called Feather Resilient EVA and a kind of fake leather called Microfiber PU.

There’s also a special kind of fabric called Double mesh that helps your feet stay cool.

Lastly, the shoe has something called Carbon Power. It has a thin sheet made of carbon fiber in the middle of the shoe. This helps to keep your feet stable and balanced when you’re playing.

Overall, the Victor AS 37 is an awesome badminton shoe that will make you feel like a pro player. It’s comfortable, bouncy, and helps you move quickly on the court.

7. Li Ning Saga IV

An exemplary brand that sets the standard for comfort and performance in badminton footwear.

Li Ning is a brand that makes really good badminton equipment, just like Yonex. One of their trainers called the Saga is great for playing badminton. It’s very lightweight, but still gives you really good traction and support.

The top part of the trainer is made of a soft material that lets your feet breathe, and it has some parts made of leather to keep your feet stable when you move side to side. The front part of the trainer has a strong material called Tuff tip, which makes it sturdy, and there’s a special X-shaped cage around the back of the trainer to keep your heel from slipping.

Lots of players who have worn these trainers say they’re really comfortable, even if you wear them for a long time. The sole of the trainer is designed to be low to the ground, so it’s not too hard when you land. That means it’s really stable and well-made.

6. Vector X Sprint Running Shoes

A highly regarded choice for those seeking the best badminton shoe brand.

Victor shoes are awesome. They look really clean and are super light. The bottom of the shoe has a special rubber that helps you grip the ground really well. And the best part is, they’re not expensive.

The Sprint series from Victor is one of their popular ones. These shoes have this special foam called ENERGY MAX and another material called EVA that makes them really tough and bouncy.

So, they won’t wear out quickly and they’ll be really comfy for your feet. The middle part of the shoe is really bouncy too, so it helps you jump and move quickly.

It’s like having springs in your shoes. And the shoes also have this strong material on the sides that helps you stay stable when you’re making turns on the court.

The top part of the shoe is made of a breathable material, kind of like a net. So, your feet won’t get too hot or sweaty. Plus, the shoes are designed to be wider, so they’ll fit nicely no matter how big or small your feet are.

5. Yonex Super Power Cushion

A trusted brand that offers excellent traction and durability in badminton shoes.

If you want a really cool shoe, I’ve got the perfect one for you. It’s super high-tech and comfortable, and it’s also really fast. The shoe is made with a special kind of lightweight mesh called Double Raschel Mesh, which makes it feel really light on your feet.

It also has something called PowerCushion+, which is like having really bouncy cushions in your shoes.

The shoe also has a special technology called Power Graphite Drive, which helps you move quickly and easily. And guess what? It even has an insole called Syncro-fit that helps you use less energy when you walk or run. Isn’t that amazing?

Oh, and let’s not forget about the upper part of the shoe. It’s made with something called Durable Skin Lite, which makes it really flexible. So no matter how much you move around, the shoe will stay comfortable and fit well.

Basically, this shoe has all the best and coolest technology to make it super comfortable, fast, and easy to wear. It’s like having a mini rocket on your feet.

4. ASICS Upcourt 4

A leading name in the market for top-quality shoes designed specifically for badminton.

These awesome badminton shoes are super light and fit perfectly. They have an amazing grip that helps you move in any direction. The bottom part is made of a special rubber that gives you a strong hold on the ground.

The shoes also have a special design that lets air flow through, so your feet stay cool and comfy. These shoes have a small difference in height between the heel and the front, which helps you be quick on your feet when you want to attack.

They also have some cool leather parts on the sides that not only give you extra support but also look really cool for everyday wear. You can even use these shoes for other indoor sports like volleyball and squash.

3. ASICS Gel Blade-7

One of the finest options available for lightweight and agile badminton footwear.

These shoes have really good grip and support because of special materials called AHAR+ and Asics’ Trusstics system. AHAR+ is like a special rubber that helps you not slip and it’s even stronger than regular rubber.

Trusstics is a kind of strong plastic that makes the shoe sturdy and helps you stay balanced when you move from side to side.

The inside of the shoe is really comfy. It has a soft layer called EVA that lots of shoes have, and it also has special padding called GEL made by Asics that helps absorb shocks when you jump or run. The insole, which is the part you step on, is made of a material called Ortholite that you can take out if you want. It helps keep your feet dry and cool.

2. Yonex Aerus Z

A standout brand known for its excellent cushioning and support in badminton shoes.

Yonex has an amazing pair of shoes that are really popular. They are super lightweight and designed to let your feet move naturally. Because they are so light, they make you really fast and improve your overall performance.

These shoes are made with a special material called PU-based SkinLite + Nylon, which makes them lighter. They also have something called PowerCushion+ and Power Graphite Lite technology inside for extra comfort.

This means they can absorb the impact when you jump or run by 28% more than other shoes. They also give you 62% more bounce, which helps you move quickly.

These shoes have some cool features too, just like the Z2 shoes. They have a special shape in the toe area that makes it easier for you to move. The insole inside the shoe is made to fit your feet perfectly.

They also have something called 3D force carbon, which gives your feet extra support when you turn in different directions.

So basically, these shoes are really light, comfortable, and help you move faster on the court. They also keep your feet safe and stable while you play.

1. Yonex Power Cushion SHB 65 Z

An exceptional choice for superior grip and stability on the court.

Yonex is a really awesome brand for badminton stuff, and they make the best shoes in the world. This particular shoe is super popular among really good players like Kento Momota, Viktor Axelsen, and Sai Praneeth from India. It’s like the shoe for the champions.

One cool thing about these shoes is that they’re really comfortable to wear. The front part of the shoe, called the toe box, has a special design that gives extra support and makes it easier on your toes. And guess what? The shoes have this special mesh called Double Raschel mesh that makes them super breathable. It lets your feet stay cool and releases any sweat or moisture.

In simple words, these shoes are just perfect for the best players in the world, and they feel really comfy on your feet. They also let your toes move comfortably and make sure your feet don’t get too sweaty.

In conclusion, when it comes to badminton shoes in India, there are several excellent options available to suit the needs of different players.

The top-rated shoes on the market offer features such as superior grip, support, cushioning, and breathability to enhance performance on the court. Yonex, Victor, Li Ning, and ASICS are among the popular brands known for their quality badminton shoes.

Whether you’re a professional player or a recreational enthusiast, investing in the right pair of badminton shoes can significantly improve your game and protect you from injuries.

Choose a pair that combines comfort, durability, and performance-enhancing features to excel in your badminton journey.

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