14 Best Watch Company for Ladies in India

Ladies watches come in a wide variety of styles and designs. They can be dressy and classic, modern and stylish, or sporty and active. Whether you’re looking for a timeless timepiece, a fashion-forward statement piece, or a practical and functional watch, there is something to fit every lifestyle and wardrobe.

Finding the best watch company for ladies in India can be an overwhelming task. With so many styles and designs to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which company is the best.

Fortunately, there are a few factors to consider when selecting the best watch company for ladies in India.

Quality, design, craftsmanship, price, customer service, and customer reviews are all important components to take into consideration. By carefully researching each company, you can determine which watch is the right fit for you.

Whether you are looking for a classic timepiece, a modern watch with unique features, or a luxurious statement piece, there is a watch company in India that can meet your needs.

Best Ladies Watches

The list of Best Ladies Watch Company  in India starts from here.

15. Michael Kors

A top-tier brand for women's watches.

Capri Holdings Ltd., formerly known as Michael Kors, is a popular fashion brand from the USA. It was started by Michael Kors in 1981 and has offices in London and New York. Capri Holdings is famous for their fashionable clothes, shoes, watches, and other accessories. They have shops in lots of different countries.

14. Daniel Klein

A premier choice for watch brands catering to women.

Have you heard of Daniel Klein watches? They’re really cool watches that started in South Africa a long time ago, in 1973. Everyone knows about them now and they’re loved by people of all ages. In India, they’re especially popular because they look fancy but they’re not too expensive.

So, if you want a nice watch that looks expensive but won’t cost you too much, you should check out Daniel Klein watches.

13. Timex

An exceptional brand known for its high-quality watches for women.

Timex is an awesome watch and accessories brand from the US. It was founded way back in 1854 and it’s based in Millbury, Connecticut. It used to be called the Waterbury Clock Company, but then Thomas Olsen bought it and changed the name to Timex. People in India love it because it’s both awesome quality and really affordable.

12. French Connection

A standout brand in the watch market, specializing in women's timepieces.

French Connection is an awesome clothing and accessories brand from the UK that has become popular in India too. It was started in 1972 by Stephen Marks and is based in London, UK. The brand was super famous because it had a cool, controversial initial – ‘FCUK’, and it’s been popular for a long time.

11. Daniel Wellington

Among the finest brands for women's watches.

Daniel Wellington is a popular brand of watches that kids are crazy about. Founded in 2011 by Filip Tysander in Sweden, the company now ships to over 25 countries around the world. Its minimalist and luxurious design has made it a huge hit with the younger generation.

10. Giordano

A leading brand that excels in providing stylish and reliable watches for women.

Giordano is a cool apparel brand from Hong Kong that has made a big impact in India. It was started in 1981 by Jimmy Lai and is based in Hong Kong. Giordano sells lots of cool accessories like watches. It has become super popular and now you can find Giordano stores in China, Taiwan, and India.

9. Chumbak

One of the top-rated brands for women's timepieces.

Founded in 2012 by Shubhra and Vivek Prabhakar, Chumbak is an awesome lifestyle brand in India. They design products that are really cool, made with quality materials. Whatever you need, from funky wallets to trendy watches, Chumbak has it all to make you stand out from the crowd.

8. Rado

A reputable brand offering superior watches designed for women.

Rado is a luxurious brand of watches that everyone dreams of owning one day. It was first called Schlup & Co. back in 1917, and then changed its name to Rado in the 1950s. It’s based in Lengnau, Switzerland and can be found in many countries around the world. It’s so cool that you can wear a piece of history on your wrist.

7. Maxima

One of the most esteemed brands in the watch industry, focusing on women's preferences.

Maxima is an amazing watch brand that has been around for a long time. It was founded in 1990 by Mr GS Purewal and it has been growing ever since. If you’re looking for a cool watch that won’t break the bank, Maxima has some great options. Kids of all ages love their watches, so why not try one out? You won’t be disappointed.

6. Tommy Hilfiger

A trusted and highly-regarded brand for women's watches.

Founded in 1985 by the famous fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, this brand is really cool. It has made a big splash in the global fashion industry. The company is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and has stores all over the world. If you want to look stylish and have a high-quality watch, you should check out Tommy Hilfiger.

5. Casio

A trusted and highly-regarded brand for women's watches.

Casio is a super cool Japanese brand that has been around since 1946. It was started by two brothers, Tadao and Toshio Kashio. Casio makes all sorts of electronic gadgets and accessories like musical instruments, calculators, and watches. They have offices all over the world and people from all over the globe love their products.

4. Sonata

A reputable brand offering superior watches designed for women.

Sonata has been one of the most popular watch brands in India for a long time. It is a part of the Titan company and lots of people love it. You can find their watches in your local Titan store or online from many different websites. Sonata makes really cool watches that will make you look awesome wherever you go.

3. Titan

A leading brand that excels in providing watches for women.

From sweet-smelling perfumes to fancy watches, Titan has been around for a long time. It was started in 1984 by Xerxes Desai and is based in Bangalore, India. The company also teamed up with the amazing jewellery brand Tanishq to create a collection of jewellery that customers loved. Last year in 2020, Titan made Rs 21,204 crores and is still growing every year.

2. Fossil

An exceptional brand known for its high-quality watches for women.

Fossil is a really cool watch brand from the United States that everyone is talking about. It was started by Tom Kartsotis and is based in Richardson, Texas. Famous people love Fossil and the brand works with lots of other companies. That’s why it’s become so popular in India and the top choice for watch lovers.

1. Fastrack

One of the top-rated brands for women's timepieces.

Fastrack is a really popular watch brand in India. It was started in 1998 by Titan, and they make cool fashion accessories that kids and young people love. You can find their stores and outlets all over the country.

In the last few years, Fastrack has been growing a lot. stylish and cool accessories just for kids like you.

There are lots of stores and outlets all over the country that sell Fastrack, and it’s become even more popular in the last couple of years.

There are lots of companies in India that make watches for ladies. Each company has its own style and designs. When picking the best company, it’s important to think about things like how good the watches are, how they look, how much they cost, and what other people say about them.

Some popular watch companies for ladies in India are Michael Kors, Daniel Klein, Timex, French Connection, Daniel Wellington, Giordano, Chumbak, Rado, Maxima, Tommy Hilfiger, Casio, Sonata, Titan, Fossil, and Fastrack. They all make cool watches for different tastes and occasions. So, there’s something for everyone.

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