10 Best Atta Brands in India

Atta is a finely ground powder made from wheat grains, commonly used in baking and cooking. It is a staple in South Asian cuisine and is used to make various flatbreads such as chapatis and parathas. Atta is rich in nutrients and is a significant source of dietary fiber.

In the diverse culinary landscape of India, atta, or whole wheat flour, holds a significant place as a staple ingredient in countless households. With a rich heritage rooted in traditional cooking practices, the demand for high-quality atta brands in India has soared in recent years.

From chapatis to parathas and a plethora of other delectable dishes, the choice of atta can greatly impact the taste, texture, and nutritional value of the final product.

This article explores the top atta brands in India, offering a comprehensive overview of their quality, consistency, nutritional benefits, and popularity among consumers.

Discover the brands that have garnered a reputation for delivering the finest atta, meeting the discerning needs of households across the nation.

Best Atta

The list of Best Atta Brands in India starts from here.

10. Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta

One of the top-notch atta brands

Pillsbury is a famous brand in India known for its atta, which is used to make delicious rotis and other Indian breads. They first introduced Pillsbury Chakki Fresh Atta in India in 1998.

Later, in 2008, they came up with a special version of atta that has multiple grains, which is good for our health because it contains more fiber.

Besides atta, Pillsbury also makes cake mixes that can be baked in an oven or cooked in a cooker, and they taste really yummy.

9. TWF Highland Wheat Flour (Sharbati)

An exceptional brand for atta

TWF Highland Wheat flour is a super popular and awesome brand of wheat flour atta in India. They also make Indie and Reliq flour, which are also great. The way they pack their flour is really cool and clever. They use really good quality grains to make their wheat flour.

The special thing about this flour is that it’s certified as 100% organic by important organizations like USDA and India organic.

That means it’s made without any yucky stuff like additives, bleach, or preservatives. That’s really amazing and makes this atta brand extra special.

8. Patanjali Whole Wheat Atta

Among the finest atta brands

Patanjali is a brand in India that sells a lot of different things. They have products like makeup, food and drinks, and things that are good for your health.

One of the things they sell is a special kind of flour called Arogya wheat flour. They say it’s really good because it doesn’t have any unhealthy stuff called maida in it, and it’s made from 100% pure wheat.

A lot of people like Patanjali and think it’s the best brand for flour in India.

7. Laxmi Bhog Whole Wheat Atta

A standout choice for atta brands

Laxmi Bhog Atta started in Jaipur in 1986. It’s a brand that makes wheat flour called atta. They have a special certification called Agmark. They get the wheat grains from a place called Rajasthan.

In 2004, they also started making a different product called besan, which is used for cooking. They wanted to make it available to more people.

You can easily buy this brand of atta online. You can get a 5-kilogram pack for Rs. 170, or a 10-kilogram pack for Rs. 340.

6. Organic Tattva Wheat Flour (Organic Chakki Atta)

One of the premier atta brands

In 2012, a company called Mehrotra Impex in India started selling a special kind of food called Organic Tattva. The name itself suggests that the food is of really good quality.

They have received certifications from USDA, Indian Organic Standard, and the European Union, which means they meet strict standards for organic food.

To make the flour for their food, they use a process called C02 fumigation. This helps to remove any harmful bacteria or pests, so you can be sure that the food is safe to eat. The best part is that they don’t add any extra things to the flour, so it’s really pure.

That’s why a lot of people in India like to buy this brand of flour. It promises to give you organic wheat flour, which is good for you.

5. Ahaar Whole Wheat Atta (Choker Yukt)

A leading brand in the atta industry

Ahaar is a company from Delhi that has been around for more than 20 years. They make different kinds of flours, like wheat flour, chana flour, soy flour, besan, makki ka atta, and maida.

They also have different types of lentils and rice in their collection.

One special thing about Ahaar’s Whole Wheat atta is that it contains something called “choker,” which is the bran of the wheat. This makes the atta rich in fiber, which is good for our digestion and makes it easier to digest.

4. Nature Fresh Sampoorna Atta by Cargill India

A renowned atta brand

In October 2012, Cargill India brought a new brand to India called Nature Fresh. They made a special kind of wheat flour called Nature Fresh Sampoorna atta, which comes in two types – Sampoorna Chakki Atta and Sampoorna Sharbati Atta.

Nature Fresh atta is made with really good grains. The Sampoorna Sharbati Atta uses grains from a place called Madhya Pradesh. It has become one of the top wheat flour brands in India because it’s really good.

3. Shakti Bhog Chakki Fresh Atta

An outstanding choice for atta products

Shakti Bhog atta is a famous brand of flour in India that started in 1981. They make their atta from the best wheat grains. Before grinding the grains, they clean them very carefully.

They use a slow method to grind the grains, which helps to keep the natural taste and smell of the whole wheat flour. Shakti Bhog also has other products like daliya, besan, and poha.

So basically, Shakti Bhog atta is a special kind of flour made from good wheat grains. They clean the grains before grinding them slowly to keep the yummy taste and nice smell. They also make other things like daliya, besan, and poha.

2. Fortune Chakki Fresh Atta

One of the most highly regarded atta brands

Fortune is a famous brand in India that sells oil and wheat flour. It is a trusted and popular brand known for making healthy plant-based oils.

They also make wheat flour, which is called atta. Fortune atta comes in three different sizes: 1 kg, 5 kg, and 10 kg packs. It is rich in fiber, which is good for our body.

You can buy Fortune atta online or find it in your local grocery stores. So now, the Fortune brand is well-known for both their oil and wheat flour, and they are considered one of the best wheat flour brands in India.

1. Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta

A top-tier brand for atta

In the year 2002, a company called ITC started selling a type of flour called Aashirvaad atta. It became really popular in India and many people use it in their homes.

The flour is made from special wheat grains that are a beautiful golden color. These wheat grains come from seven different places in a state called Madhya Pradesh. The company gets the wheat directly from farmers through special meeting places called choupals.

They take three steps to make sure the wheat grains are clean and good for making flour. Aashirvaad also has other products apart from flour, and they make different types of flour too.

So, if you look around in Indian homes, you’ll often find the Aashirvaad atta brand.

In conclusion, when it comes to the best atta brands in India, Aashirvaad Shudh Chakki Atta stands out as the top choice for consumers.

With its commitment to sourcing high-quality wheat grains directly from farmers and ensuring a clean and pure production process, Aashirvaad has gained immense popularity across households in the country.

Other notable brands like Fortune, Shakti Bhog, and Nature Fresh have also made a mark with their superior quality and nutritional value.

Whether it’s the organic offerings of Organic Tattva or the fiber-rich Ahaar Whole Wheat Atta, these top atta brands provide a range of options to meet the diverse needs of Indian households, delivering delicious and healthy results.

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