Biscuit, a delightful baked treat, comes in various shapes and flavors. This crispy, flaky, and often sweet delight is enjoyed worldwide as a delightful snack or accompaniment to tea and coffee.

Its simplicity and versatility have made it a beloved treat for all ages, leaving a lasting impression with every bite.

Welcome to the enticing world of delectable delights. As we journey through the diverse and flavorful landscape of India’s culinary treasures, our focus settles on a staple that has stood the test of time – biscuits.

In 2023, the biscuit market in India boasts an impressive array of options, ranging from traditional classics to innovative marvels.

This article dives deep into the crumbly goodness of the “Best Biscuit Brands in India 2023,” unraveling the top contenders that have captured the hearts and taste buds of millions, offering a delightful blend of taste, quality, and nostalgia.

Join us on this mouthwatering expedition as we celebrate India’s finest biscuit offerings.

Best Biscuit

The list of Best Biscuit Brands in India starts from here.

10. Haldiram Biscuits

One of the finest biscuit brands available.

Haldiram is a famous food company that has been making yummy snacks for a very long time – almost 80 years. It’s like a big family business that cares a lot about making really tasty and good-quality treats for people of all ages.

A long time ago in 1937, a person named Mr. Shivkisan Agrawal started this company in a place called Bikaner.

One of the special things they make is biscuits. These biscuits come in different packs – some are just for one person, some are for families, and they even have special packs for festivals. Oh, and they also have many restaurants that belong to the company where you can go and eat delicious food.

If you want to get their biscuits, you can easily order them online or visit their stores where they sell their yummy snacks. The best part is that their biscuits start at just INR 55, so you can get some tasty treats without spending too much money. Yum.

9. Unibic Biscuits

Among the top-notch biscuit brands in the market.

Imagine a cool biscuit brand called Unibic that started in 2004. They have a special collection of yummy biscuits with all your favorite flavors like butter, savory, healthy, and milk. Each flavor has lots of different types of biscuits to choose from, making it super fun.

What makes Unibic cookies so tasty is that they use more yummy ingredients than other biscuit brands. For example, their choco-chip biscuits have a whopping 21% chocolate in them, and the milk biscuits have more than 9.4% milk content. Yum.

If you want to try these delicious biscuits, you can buy them easily from their online store or the store close to your home. The best part is, the prices start at just INR 15.

So, the next time you want some super tasty biscuits for your family, you know where to find them – Unibic. Enjoy the yummy flavors.

8. McVitie’s Biscuits

A superior biscuit brand that stands out.

They’re super yummy and loved by people who enjoy digestive biscuits. These biscuits are made with healthy fiber that’s easy on our tummies and good for our bodies too. The company has different types of biscuits in small packs, big value packs, and special packs for festivals.

McVitie’s biscuits came to India in 2010 and have become one of the most popular biscuit brands here. But did you know these biscuits have been around since way back in 1892? They’ve been enjoyed by people all over the world.

If you want to try them, you can get them at any nearby shop or grocery store. And guess what? The price for McVitie’s Digestive Cookies & Biscuits starts at just INR 15. Yummy and affordable. So, next time you’re out shopping, you can ask your parents to get some for you to enjoy.

7. Cadbury Oreo Biscuits

One of the most excellent biscuit brands around.

They are super yummy cookies with chocolate on the outside and a sweet filling inside. Not only kids but also grown-ups enjoy them because they taste so good and are made with top-notch quality.

In India, you can find different types of Oreo biscuits like the regular sandwich cookies, lunchbox cookies, and even lemon-flavored ones. They all come from the famous Cadbury brand known for its tasty and high-quality snacks.

You can buy just one pack or get more if you want from a store nearby. And guess what? The price starts at just INR 10/-, so it’s affordable too.

Enjoy your Oreo biscuits, they’re simply delicious

6. Cremica Biscuits

A top-tier choice among biscuit brands.

Cremica Food Industries Private Limited is a company that makes yummy biscuits. They started in 1978 and have been famous for their Marie classic, digestive cornflakes biscuits, oatmeal cookies, and other tasty digestive biscuits.

The best thing about Cremica biscuits is that they use really good ingredients, and they make them in super cool factories all over India. People in India love to have Cremica biscuits with their tea and coffee – it’s a perfect match.

But guess what? Cremica doesn’t only make biscuits. They also have other delicious stuff like mayonnaise, ketchup, and more. Their products are so good that many famous restaurants use them too.

So, next time you’re having tea or coffee, don’t forget to try some Cremica biscuits – they’re not just tasty, but also good for you. And if you see their ketchup or mayonnaise in a restaurant, you know it’s going to be yummy.

5. Patanjali Biscuits

A biscuit brand that ranks among the best.

Patanjali biscuits are really popular in many homes because they are made by a brand called “Patanjali Ayurved,” which is owned by Swami Ramdev. They make their biscuits in India and proudly call them “Swadeshi,” which means they are indigenous or locally made.

What’s special about Patanjali biscuits is that they are made 100% from wheat. This is different from some other biscuits that might have other ingredients. You can find these biscuits in different flavors, like butter, milk, chocolate, and orange.

One great thing about Patanjali biscuits is that people trust them to be healthy and good for fitness. They are made with high-quality ingredients, and because of that, they are easy to digest. Another important point is that they have zero trans-fat, which is a kind of unhealthy fat that we don’t want in our food.

If you want to buy Patanjali biscuits, you can find them online on Patanjali’s website or in their stores across India. Many other shops also sell them, so they are easy to find.

So, in simple words, Patanjali biscuits are yummy, healthy, and people love them because they are made in India with good ingredients.

4. Priya Gold Biscuits

An exceptional biscuit brand worth trying.

Priya Gold biscuits are super yummy biscuits loved by people all over India. They are made by a company called Surya Food Agro, which started in 1992. These biscuits come in many flavors, like club crème, digestive, butter delite, cheese crackers, Marie lite, and snakker choco sandwiches.

The best thing about Priya Gold biscuits is that they taste the same every time you eat them, and they are of really good quality. People in more than 20 countries around the world enjoy these biscuits too.

You can find these biscuits in different packs, some with just one biscuit type and others with a mix of different ones. The company also offers both sweet and salty biscuits, so you can choose your favorite.

Guess what? The famous Bollywood star Kiara Advani is the special person who tells everyone how great Priya Gold biscuits are. She is their brand ambassador.

So next time you want a delicious snack, grab a pack of Priya Gold biscuits, and you’ll enjoy the tasty flavors they have to offer.

3. Sunfeast Biscuits

One of the prime biscuit brands to consider.

Have you heard of the famous ITC company? Well, they make yummy snacks, and one of their tasty treats is Sunfeast biscuits.

Back in 2003, ITC decided to enter the biscuit world with their Sunfeast range. They introduced different types of biscuits like Marie, glucose, and crème, which became super popular among people.

You know what’s awesome? Sunfeast biscuits are in the top 3 biscuit brands in all of India. That’s how much people love them. And guess what? They even have a famous Bollywood celebrity named Alia Bhatt as the face of their Dark Fantasy chocolate biscuits. How cool is that?

Sunfeast biscuits come in many delicious flavors and combinations. They make sure to use good ingredients to give you yummy and healthy snacks for your whole family. You can get them in small packs or big packs, depending on how much you want to enjoy.

You can find these fantastic biscuits in all the best grocery stores and shops around the country. So, next time you’re out shopping, keep an eye out for Sunfeast biscuits. You’ll love them.

2. Britannia

A top-rated choice among biscuit brands.

Britannia Industries is a super famous biscuit brand loved by people in India. They’ve been around since way back in 1892. They make lots of yummy biscuits that we all enjoy. Among them, the Tiger biscuit is the most popular among kids like us.

You can find their biscuits everywhere because they are the top-selling biscuits of all time in India, and almost all the shops have them. Some of their famous biscuits are Marie gold, Jim Jam, Bourbon, Nice Time, Little Hearts, Pure Magic, Milk Bikis, Nutri Choice, Good Day, Crackers, and many more.

Britannia also makes special packs for festivals, which is pretty cool. So, whenever you want some delicious biscuits, you can always count on Britannia to have a tasty treat for you.

1. Parle Biscuits

A premium biscuit brand that impresses.

It’s a super famous biscuit in India that brings back sweet memories for many Indian kids. The company started making biscuits way back in 1929, and they’ve been loved ever since. All their biscuits are made with wheat and milk, which are really good for growing children.

Apart from Parle-G, they have other yummy biscuits like Krack jack, Monaco, Nutri Crunch, and Hide and Seek. These biscuits have been in the Indian market for a long time and are known as some of the best.

You might wonder why Parle-G is so special. Well, it’s because when people in India talk about biscuits, they almost always mention Parle-G. It’s like they go hand in hand.

Now, let’s talk about some of their best biscuits and their prices in India. Unfortunately, I don’t have that information right now, but you can ask your parents or check them out at the store. Enjoy your biscuits.

In conclusion, the biscuit market in India in 2023 offers a delightful assortment of options, each with its unique flavors and specialties.

From the longstanding favorites like Parle-G, Britannia, and Sunfeast to the newer contenders like Unibic and Haldiram, these biscuit brands have won the hearts of millions with their scrumptious treats.

Whether it’s the health-conscious choices from McVitie’s and Patanjali or the indulgent pleasures from Cadbury Oreo and Priya Gold, there’s a biscuit for every palate and occasion.

As the industry continues to innovate, one thing remains certain – biscuits will always be a cherished and beloved snack for generations to come.

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