10 Best Shawl Brands in India

A shawl is a versatile accessory made of fabric, typically worn around the shoulders or draped over the body. It adds warmth, elegance, and style to any outfit.

Whether used for fashion or functionality, a shawl is a timeless piece that can enhance any wardrobe and provide comfort in various settings.

India is renowned for its rich cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship, and one of its most treasured textile traditions is shawls.

Shawls have adorned generations with their elegance, warmth, and intricate designs, making them an essential part of Indian fashion. As demand for high-quality shawls continues to grow, numerous brands have emerged, each with its own unique blend of artistry and expertise.

In this article, we will explore the best shawl brands in India that have captivated the market with their exceptional craftsmanship, luxurious fabrics, and timeless appeal.

From traditional handwoven masterpieces to contemporary interpretations, these brands showcase the finest examples of India’s rich shawl-making legacy, reflecting the perfect amalgamation of tradition and modernity.

Best Shawl

The list of Best Shawl Brands in India starts from here.

10. Ahujasons

A top-notch shawl brand that offers exceptional quality and craftsmanship.

Ahujasons is a company that started in 1979 and they make really nice Pashmina shawls. In 1998, they began selling their shawls to other countries.

Recently, they also started selling their shawls online and made a lot of money from it. Now, Ahujasons is one of the top brands for Pashmina shawls. Their shawls are really good quality, even though they are a bit expensive.

9. Romano NX

One of the finest shawl brands known for its luxurious and elegant designs.

Romano NX is not just a brand that sells shawls, it’s a brand that sells all kinds of clothes. It started a long time ago in 1976 in a place called Ahmedabad in India.

At first, it was a small shop, but now, because of the internet, they can sell their clothes all over India. They use websites and online stores to reach more people.

They also have a lot of fans on social media. They sell many different types of clothes, but let’s talk about their shawls. They are really good quality shawls and you can get them without spending too much money.

8. Pashmoda

An outstanding shawl brand that sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Once upon a time, there was a college student named Parth Agrawal who had a special idea. His grandfather used to make beautiful shawls in India for a very long time, and people in their town loved them.

But Parth wanted to make the shawls even more popular. He decided to bring the shawls to the internet, where people all over the country could see and buy them. So, in 2019, he started a brand called Pashmoda.

Parth knew that the most important thing was to keep the shawls really good in quality, just like his grandfather used to make them. He didn’t want to compromise on that because he knew that customers always want the best.

Surprisingly, the plan worked really well. Even though Pashmoda was a new brand, people loved their shawls so much that they became the best shawl brand in all of India.

If you don’t believe it, you can see the reviews that customers have given on big online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and Meesho. Pashmoda’s shawls and stoles are leading the market, which means lots of people are buying and loving them.

It just goes to show that when you bring a local business online and keep the quality high, amazing things can happen.

7. Pia Ka Ghar

A leading shawl brand that combines fashion-forward styles with superior comfort.

This brand, Pia Ka Ghar, started in 2010 and makes really nice clothes and accessories for women. They have a special page on their website just for shawls, which are very popular in India.

People really like their shawls because they use really good material and they come in different prices, so anyone can buy a nice shawl.

If you want to buy their stuff, it’s best to go to their website directly to make sure it’s the real thing and not a fake. You might not find their products on places like Amazon and Flipkart.

6. Oswal

A premium shawl brand that offers a perfect blend of warmth, softness, and style.

Oswal is a famous brand for clothes, and they make really nice shawls. The shawls are made by machines and are of good quality.

The best part is that they are not expensive, so you can get a nice shawl without spending too much money. Oswal started their business in 2003 and worked hard to become popular all over India.

They have factories in different places like Bathinda, Ludhiana, and Nalagarh. People really like Oswal shawls because they are both good quality and affordable.

Other brands find it difficult to match the quality and price of Oswal shawls.

5. Himalayan Weavers

A distinguished shawl brand renowned for its attention to detail and use of high-quality materials.

The Himalayan Weavers is a special brand from India that makes really nice Pashmina shawls and other things using soft wool from animals called yaks.

The people who make these things spend a lot of time and care collecting the wool, so the final product may cost a little more, but it’s really good quality. The brand was started by Patricia and Ghayur Alam in 2005 because they wanted to show and celebrate the culture of the people who live in the mountains.

They have been very successful in doing that. Right now, Himalayan Weavers sell many things that are handmade, like shawls, stoles, and scarves.

The cool thing about their brand is that they mostly use natural colors to dye the products, so they feel very special and connected to the mountain culture.

4. Weavers Villa

A reputable shawl brand trusted by fashion enthusiasts for its exquisite and versatile collection.

Shawls are like special blankets that show Indian culture, and Weavers Villa is a famous brand that makes many kinds of shawls. They have plain ones and ones with pretty designs on them.

Weavers Villa started in 2014 by Kautuk Popli, Sushen Popli, and Sahaj Popli. They are really good at making clothes, and in 2014, they became one of the top clothing brands in India, especially for shawls.

Amritsar in Punjab is a place where many clothes are made, and Weavers Villa is one of the best brands there.

3. SWI Stylish

A trusted shawl brand that consistently delivers trendy and timeless pieces for all occasions.

SWI Stylish is a cool brand that started in a city called Amritsar in Punjab. It was created by two smart people named Vinay Vadhera and Navit Sethi in 2018.

They worked really hard and now their brand is very popular in many places. You can find SWI Stylish clothes on big online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, and more. One thing they are famous for is their stoles and shawls, which are like warm and pretty scarves.

They have plain ones and ones with designs for both boys and girls. They also have other nice things on their website.

2. Kashmir Box

An acclaimed shawl brand recognized for its innovative designs and versatility in draping styles.

The Kashmir Box started in 2011 when its founder, Muheet Mehraj, wanted to share the culture of Kashmir with people in other parts of the country.

They wanted to provide high-quality items and things that Kashmir is famous for, like the Pashmina shawl. With the rise of the internet in India, the Kashmir Box became very popular and is now one of the best sellers of good-quality shawls.

Some people have trouble finding the best shawls, especially the original Pashmina shawl, because they can’t tell if it’s real or not. But with the Kashmir Box, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can visit their website, and they have everything neatly organized for you to explore.

1. Pashtush

A preferred shawl brand that caters to diverse preferences and provides a wide range of options for all fashion needs.

Pashtush is a company that started in 2017. They make really good clothes, especially shawls. Their most famous shawls are called Pashmina shawls.

At first, they were a small brand in Amritsar, Punjab, but now they are one of the best shawl brands in the whole country. The person who started Pashtush is named Pranav Malhotra.

He wanted to bring the traditional shawls to people all over India. If you visit Pashtush’s website, you will see many different kinds of clothes, but they are really known for their amazing shawls.

In conclusion, India is home to a vibrant and diverse shawl industry, and the market is brimming with exceptional brands that showcase the country’s rich textile heritage.

These top 10 shawl brands offer a wide range of options, from traditional handwoven masterpieces to contemporary designs, ensuring there is something for everyone.

Whether it’s the luxurious Pashmina shawls from Ahujasons and Pashtush, the artistic creations by Romano NX and Weavers Villa, or the sustainable offerings of Himalayan Weavers, each brand represents a unique blend of craftsmanship, quality, and style.

With their commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation, these brands continue to captivate fashion enthusiasts and elevate the timeless allure of shawls.

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