10 Towel Brands in India

Towels are soft, absorbent cloths used for drying the body or other surfaces. They are made from cotton, linen, or synthetic fibres, and come in a variety of sizes and colours. They are an essential part of any bathroom or kitchen, and are perfect for drying hands and dishes.

When it comes to towels, the quality of material and design are of utmost importance. India has a wide variety of towel brands, ranging from the mass-market to high-end luxury.

From the classic terry cloth to the luxurious velour, these towel brands offer something for everyone. Whether you need a lightweight summer towel or a heavy-duty winter towel, there is a brand in India to suit your needs.

From the bright and vibrant colors of the East to the subtle and elegant designs of the West, these towel brands provide a diverse selection of styles and designs. For those looking for something special, there are also a few unique designs available.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to decide which towel brand is right for you. To help you make the right choice, this article will discuss some of the best towel brands in India.

Best Towels

The list of Best Towels Brands in India starts from here.

10. Comfort Weave

One of the finest towel brands available.

If you’re looking for quality towels and other home furnishing accessories, Comfort Weave is one of the best brands in India. You can check it out yourself by going to websites like Amazon and Flipkart and searching for “Towel.”

You’ll find lots of options but Comfort Weave will rank high on the first page. Plus, customers are really liking their products – you can tell by the number of positive reviews each product has.

9. Story@Home

Among the top-tier towel brands in the market.

Story@Home is well-known for its bedding items, but it also sells lots of other things too. When Ankit Rungta started the brand back in 2012, he wanted to make it the very best.

He put in a lot of hard work, and now we can see the results – Story@Home is one of the top brands for items like carpets, door mats, bedsheets, bath towels, curtains, and even laptop desks.

8. Mush

A prime example of an exceptional towel brand.

Mush is a brand that was created by Nihar Gosalia to make amazing bath towels for customers at a great price. It has been around since 2018 and offers many different types of towels, like bath towels, face towels, and kitchen towels, as well as lots of fun designs, colors, and patterns.

They even have cool stuff like socks, blankets for kids and adults, and swaddles. You should definitely check out Mush.

7. Lushomes

One of the most superior towel brands you can find.

Lushomes is a brand that was created to make it easier for people to make their homes look and feel comfortable without having to spend a lot of money.

The company was started by Aayush Thakkar who wanted to find a way to make home furnishing items that were good quality but not too expensive.

Now, Lushomes has one of the biggest collections of products for you to choose from. Their towels are great quality and the prices are really good too.

With Lushomes, you can make your house more comfortable without breaking the bank.

6. Luxor Liners

A top-notch choice for those seeking high-quality and absorbent towels.

Luxor Liners is an awesome brand that makes bedding and bath items that are super comfortable and luxurious. They’ve been around since 2005 and they’ve been adding more and more items to their collection.

Their bedding items are especially great, but their bath towels and other items are just as nice. Even though Luxor Liners isn’t an Indian brand, they have become very popular in India because they always make sure to give their customers what they want.

The founders of Luxor Liners believe that a brand is only successful if it provides more than what customers expect.

5. Yellow Weaves

An exemplary towel brand that stands out in terms of softness and durability.

Yellow Weaves is a really popular brand in India that sells lots of cool stuff like towels, slipcovers, carpets and curtain lines. It’s been around since 2015 and was founded by Gagan Sandhu, a genius entrepreneur.

At first it was just like any other new brand, but it got really big because Gagan knew what customers wanted and made sure they got it.

That’s why Yellow Weaves is the best brand if you’re looking for budget-friendly items with awesome quality.

4. Trident

One of the crème de la crème options for towel brands.

Rajinder Gupta created Trident in 1990, and it quickly became a top brand in the country. Now, 30 years later, Trident is working in many different industries, from energy to textiles and even paper and stationery.

They started by selling home textiles like bedding and bath towels, and now they’re one of the top brands on Amazon, with lots of good reviews. This means Trident products are high quality and they work hard to give their customers the best service.

3. Bombay Dyeing

A premium selection of towel brands that surpasses others in quality and comfort.

Bombay Dyeing is an awesome brand that has been around for a long time and makes some of the best towels in the market.

It is part of the Wadia group, which was started in 1879. Bombay Dyeing is one of the biggest wholesalers of fabric and cotton items in India.

If you want to see what all the fuss is about, head to any online marketplace and check out their products. You’ll find lots of positive reviews from customers who love their towels.

2. Heelium

Among the elite towel brands worth considering.

Heelium is a relatively new brand that has quickly become popular. Their name means “lightness” and that’s what their products are all about – high quality, but light.

When Prateek Sharma started the company in 2017, he wanted to make sure that customers got the most comfortable products. His plan worked and Heelium became popular quickly.

We wanted to mention Heelium on our list because their bath towels are so good. People are buying them up online, because the material is really high quality and the products are made in India.

1. Amouve

An outstanding choice for those in search of a high-quality and luxurious towel brand.

Amouve has become really popular since 2017. They specialize in high-quality bed and bath items like baby products, mattresses, bedding items, and bath items.

People love Amouve because they offer some of the best cotton materials in India, making sure their customers are happy. Amouve has become one of the top bed and bath product brands in India, and their website has a ton of cool products to choose from , Amouve is the place to go.

In conclusion, India has many awesome towel brands to choose from. Whether you want towels that are soft, colorful, or luxurious, there’s something for everyone.

Big names like Bombay Dyeing and Trident have been around for a long time and are loved by customers.

But there are also new and cool brands like Heelium and Amouve that make great towels. So, if you’re looking for the perfect towels for your home, check out these amazing brands in India and find the ones that make you feel comfy and happy.

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