24 Types of Skirts for Girls in India

There are various skirt styles, each offering a distinct look. A-line skirts flare gently from the waist, while pencil skirts hug the body’s curves.

Maxi skirts are long and flowing, mini skirts are short and playful, and pleated skirts feature folded fabric for added texture. Fashion offers choices for every taste.

India’s rich and diverse cultural tapestry is mirrored not only in its traditions and festivals but also in its clothing choices.

Among the myriad of traditional and modern ensembles, skirts hold a special place, seamlessly blending style with comfort. This comprehensive guide unveils the captivating array of skirts adorning the fashion landscape of India.

Types of Skirts

The list of Types of Skirts in India starts from here.


A skirt that sets a high standard in quality.

A crinkle skirt, which people also call a broomstick skirt, looks special because it’s all crinkled on purpose. It’s not smooth like other skirts.

These skirts are super unique and are perfect if you want to look like a bohemian, which is a cool and free-spirited style. Crinkle skirts come in lots of different patterns and styles, so you can wear them for parties or just every day.

They’re really different and cute, so you should definitely consider getting one if you want a special and awesome look.

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Counted among the top-notch options for skirts.

A layered skirt, sometimes called a tiered skirt, is a really cool type of skirt that many people like to wear. It’s popular because it looks special and different from other skirts.

Imagine having several layers of fabric stacked on top of each other at the bottom of the skirt. These layers can be the same length and width, or they can be different.

This makes the skirt look super unique and pretty. The material used for each layer can also be different, like different kinds of cloth.

So, when you wear a layered skirt, you’ll look really amazing and stand out, especially when you’re going to a special event or party. It’s like wearing a skirt that’s extra fancy and makes you feel special.


An exceptional choice within the skirt category.

Beach skirts are like super useful clothes that every girl should have when they go to the beach. You can wear them with a cool top and sandals, or just over your swimsuit.

And if you want to go in the water, you can easily take the skirt off before you jump in.


Showcasing excellence in the world of skirts.

Satin skirts are super versatile. You can wear them to fancy events or just when you’re hanging out. They look really cool with a fancy jacket and a nice shirt. But guess what?

If you wear them with comfy sneakers and a cozy sweater, you’ll look really smart too. It’s like having a special outfit that works for different times.


A skirt option that rises above the rest.

One super cozy skirt that’s great for wearing with warm layers is the knitted skirt. The best part is, there are lots of knitted skirts to choose from, with different looks and prices.

Some are classic, while others are really cool and modern. You can wear this awesome skirt to school, when you’re hanging out, or even to a fun get-together.


One of the most noteworthy selections among skirts.

A jeans skirt is also known as a denim skirt. It’s made from the same material as blue jeans. Just like jeans, skirts come in different styles and lengths to suit different body shapes and occasions.

Older people usually wear longer jeans and skirts, while younger folks like teenagers often prefer shorter ones. Out of all the types of skirts, this one is really stylish and can make you look modern and cool if you want to try it out.


Standing out as a remarkable skirt choice.

Out of all the different kinds of skirts that people wear in the western style, there’s one that’s really popular among modern ladies.

This skirt is special because it has a wide and high waist compared to other skirts. You can find ones that are short or long.

A lot of women think this type of skirt looks super stylish. When you wear it, you’ll look really cute. You can wear these skirts when you go to parties or even to a special party at your parent’s work place.


Elevating the standards for skirt selections.

Crochet skirts are like magical clothes made with special loops. They are super light and make you feel as if you’re floating on air when you wear them.

They come in lots of different patterns, like the designs on coloring pages, and they make you look really fancy and pretty.

You can wear crochet skirts in all the seasons – spring, summer, fall, and winter. They’re like clothes for all the magic seasons. Imagine having a skirt that’s perfect for every kind of weather.

There are so many different types of crochet skirts, like long ones that touch the ground (those are called crochet maxi skirts), short ones, boho-style ones that are really cool and flowy, and even skirts that look like they’re made of lace.

So, if you want to look extra special and comfy every day of the year, crochet skirts are the way to go.


Among the elite when it comes to skirt options.

Rajasthani skirts are super pretty and cool skirts that people wear. They have really nice designs on them that are made very carefully.

These skirts are a mix of clothes that people wear in India and also in the Western countries. You can wear these skirts with different types of tops like regular shirts and t-shirts.

So, you can put together a really nice and comfy outfit for everyday wear or when you go out. And if you add some nice accessories and jewelry, your outfit will look even better.


A prime pick for those seeking superior skirts.

Patchwork skirts are super light skirts made from soft materials like cotton and special silk. They’re really comfy to wear because they’re easy to breathe in and can soak up sweat.

These skirts are made by sewing together different pieces of fabric with cool patterns to make clothes that look really nice. You can wear these skirts to parties, when you go out, to the movies, and during festivals to look stylish.

There are different types of patchwork skirts like classic ones, flowery ones, and ones made from jeans material. If you want a cool and comfy outfit for really hot summer days, you should definitely pick one of these skirts from our list.


Demonstrating top-tier quality in the realm of skirts.

This skirt is super stylish and will make you look really cool and modern. It’s called a pencil skirt because it’s straight and goes a little narrower towards your knees.

These skirts never go out of style and are great for lots of different places, like fancy events or when you want to look serious. Pencil skirts make your legs look longer and are often worn in important grown-up places.


Holding a distinguished position among skirt choices.

A divided skirt is a really cool and special kind of skirt. It’s different from regular skirts because it looks like pants with two separate legs, but it’s still a skirt.

What makes it stand out is that it’s wide and flowy, like it has big flares. A lot of stylish ladies like wearing this kind of skirt because it’s unique and different from other skirts.

So, if you want to look extra awesome at a party, you can choose this skirt from our list of different skirt types.


Exemplifying excellence in the world of skirts.

Leather skirts are like magical clothes that can be worn for lots of different events, whether they’re fancy, normal, or sort of fancy.

They can be short or long and look great with a fancy jacket or a regular shirt. Wearing them can make you look really cool and fashionable.


A skirt selection that leaves a lasting impression.

Sports skirts are like super cool skirts that are perfect when you’re playing tennis or other games. They’re really comfy and great for staying active.

These skirts come in all sorts of styles, from simple ones to fancier ones with pleats and slits. They even have shorts hidden underneath. They’re easy to wear with stretchy waistbands and made from special materials that help you stay comfy and cool.

So, they’re like the best skirts for having fun and playing around.

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Rising to the top as an exceptional skirt option.

Skirts that go a little above or a little below your knees are called knee-length skirts. Right now, these skirts are really popular and lots of people like them. They look good on all kinds of bodies because they’re a nice length.

The trend of wearing knee-length skirts is coming back, which means more people are starting to wear them again. When you wear these skirts, you can look really cool, up-to-date, and stylish.

They’re great to wear to school or even to a party or special occasion.


Garnering recognition for being a high-quality skirt.

Long skirts known as “gypsy skirts” have a special origin from the gypsy culture. These skirts are super long and look really cool. They’re made of layers of fabric that are connected at the bottom, which makes them all crinkly and ruffly.

This style is really different and stands out from other types of skirts. If you want to try something stylish and one-of-a-kind, you should definitely consider adding this kind of skirt to your collection.


Positioned among the best of the best in skirts.

Imagine a super special kind of skirt that’s different from all the others. This skirt has a special part at the top called a belt or yoke, and it’s surrounded by pretty folds called pleats.

Think of pleats like really neat folds in the fabric. Sometimes there’s just one big fold, like a special surprise.

People like to wear this kind of skirt when they go to fancy events or to school when they want to look nice. They’re not too heavy, and they feel comfy to wear because they’re light.

They’re usually made from soft materials like organza, silk, and satin. These materials make sure the folds in the skirt look nice and not all puffy.

Out of all the different types of skirts, this one is like having a lightweight, comfy friend that’s easy to carry around.


A skirt that embodies top-level craftsmanship.

Short skirts are skirts that are, well, short. They became really famous because of Mary Quant, a fancy dress designer.

These skirts don’t need a lot of fabric, so they don’t cost a ton of money to buy. Some short skirts can be puffy, round, or more fitted.

Imagine this: there are short skirts made of denim, like jeans. They’re great for when you want to look relaxed and comfy. Short skirts are super stylish and some people think they make you look cool and attractive.

Guess what? We have these awesome skirts on our list, and we offer them at really good prices. So, if you want to try out a cool and sassy look, short skirts could be just what you’re looking for.


A premier choice for individuals seeking quality skirts.

Let’s talk about super cool skirts you can wear to parties. Every awesome girl should have a party skirt in her closet. Party skirts can be different, like ones that sparkle, ones that are shiny like leather, or even ones with sequins.

If your party skirt shines and has sequins, try wearing a top in just one color. But if your skirt is shiny like leather or has other fabrics, go for tops that are colorful and shiny too, like glittery ones.

And don’t forget to wear some fancy high heels to finish off your super stylish look. You’ll look really smart and cool in this awesome skirt.


Setting itself apart as a top-notch skirt selection.

To make a nice change from summer to fall, you can go for a denim skirt. There are lighter ones if you like those, but the darker ones are also cool. This skirt is really stylish and modern, and it’s one of the best types of skirts.

When you wear this skirt, you’ll look smart and classy. Among all the different skirts, this is a great choice to wear to school or other places.


A skirt that stands as a testament to excellence.

Out of all the different kinds of skirts you can find, one that’s really popular is called a mini skirt. Just like its name suggests, it’s a straight skirt that goes to about halfway down your thighs.

These skirts can be made from all sorts of materials like leather, fake leather, and denim, and they go great with different looks.

Lots of young people like to wear this cool style of skirt, especially when they go to parties. It makes them look confident and stylish.


Making its mark as a standout skirt option.

Out of all the different kinds of skirts, long skirts are super famous among young people these days. They are really comfy, perfect for wearing during long and boring days, and you can wear them for different events too.

Lots of students and working ladies like to wear these long ethnic skirts because they can match them with different things. The skirt that we really like is really popular right now.

So, if you want to have a cool style and keep up with the latest trends, this is the kind of skirt to have in your closet.


Earning a reputation as a top-tier skirt choice.

The cotton skirt is like the superstar of all skirt names. Imagine a skirt made from super soft and cozy fabric called cotton. It feels amazing against your skin and is really gentle.

This special skirt is very light, so it’s great to wear no matter if it’s hot or cold outside. You can wear it every day, even to school, and it’s really easy to take care of.

What’s really cool is that this cotton skirt looks good on everyone, no matter their size or shape. It’s like a friend that goes well with everyone. So, when it’s super hot in the summer, you can choose this incredibly comfy skirt and feel awesome.


Reflecting the pinnacle of quality in skirts.

Do you have a bunch of plain and boring clothes in your closet? Want to add some fun and color to your outfits? Well, you should totally consider getting some skirts with cool and colorful designs on them.

These kinds of skirts are super lively and exciting. People who know about fashion say that picking the right design can make you look really awesome.

Out of all the different types of skirts, ones with prints are great for all sorts of body shapes. These skirts are really amazing because they can make you look fantastic. Just choose one of these pretty skirts from the list.

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In the diverse world of Indian fashion, skirts have evolved into a captivating array of styles, each offering a unique charm.

From the whimsical elegance of crinkle skirts to the flowy grace of Rajasthani skirts, and the modern appeal of pencil skirts to the cultural vibrancy of printed skirts, this comprehensive guide celebrates the fusion of tradition and contemporary trends.

These 24 types of skirts capture the essence of India’s rich fashion tapestry, allowing every girl to express her individuality while embracing comfort and style.

With such a plethora of options, the world of skirts in India is a delightful playground for fashion enthusiasts of all tastes.

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