7 Best DSLR Camera in India

A DSLR camera, short for Digital Single-Lens Reflex, combines optical technology with digital imaging, offering high-quality photographs and versatility.

It uses a mirror and prism system to direct light to the viewfinder and sensor. DSLRs allow for interchangeable lenses, precise manual controls, and superior image performance, making them ideal for photography enthusiasts and professionals.

In the ever-evolving realm of digital photography, a Digital Single-Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera stands as a formidable tool, empowering both enthusiasts and professionals to unleash their creativity.

In the diverse market of India, where visual storytelling is cherished, finding the “Best DSLR Camera in India” is a pursuit for perfection.

This guide aims to navigate through the myriad of options, presenting a curated selection of top-tier DSLR cameras, each offering exceptional features, superior image quality, and boundless potential to capture life’s most cherished memories with unparalleled brilliance.


The list of Best DSLR in India starts from here.

7. Nikon D780

This DSLR camera is renowned as one of the finest in the photography industry.

The Nikon D780 is an amazing camera that can take super clear and detailed pictures and videos. It’s like having a magic box that captures everything you see. It has a special feature called “ultra HD” that makes the pictures look extra beautiful.

With this camera, you can zoom in really, really far to see things that are very, very tiny, like a tiny bug on a flower. It can also take pictures really quickly or slowly, so you can capture fast-moving things like a jumping puppy or a bird in flight, or you can take pictures of stars at night that need a lot of time to appear bright.

You can even use this camera to make movies like a professional filmmaker. The videos will be super clear and sharp, just like the ones you see in the cinema. It’s like having your own movie studio in your hands.

The camera is not too big and heavy, so you can carry it around easily. It’s like having a cool gadget with you all the time.

To connect it to your phone, there’s a special app called SnapBridge that makes it easy to transfer photos and videos to share with your friends and family.

The camera needs a special kind of battery called “lithium-ion” to work, just like how your toys need batteries to move or make sounds. But don’t worry, the battery will last for a long time before needing to be charged again.

In short, the Nikon D780 is like a magical tool that helps you capture amazing memories and adventures with your friends and family, and you’ll have so much fun using it.

Price : ₹1,93,990

6. Pentax K-3 Mark III

When it comes to professional-grade DSLRs, this model stands out as exceptional.

If you’re looking for a super cool camera, the Pentax K-3 Mark III might be perfect for you. This camera has 25 million pixels, which means it takes really clear and detailed photos.

The screen on this camera is about as big as a big smartphone, and you can see all your pictures on it. Plus, it has a special trick. It can take 12 pictures in just one second, which is great for capturing fast-moving things like sports or animals.

When you want to get closer to something far away, this camera can zoom in a little bit, making your pictures look even better. And guess what? It has a magic feature that helps keep your pictures steady, so they won’t be blurry even if your hands shake a little.

This camera is not too heavy either, just over a pound, so you can carry it around easily. And it has a special battery that you can recharge when it runs out of power. Oh, and don’t forget, it’s really easy to change the lenses on this camera.

Price : ₹2,64,721

5. Olympus E-M1X

Among the top DSLR cameras, this one is consistently ranked as one of the best.

This DSLR camera is perfect for beginners. It has 20.4 megapixels, which means it takes really clear and detailed pictures. The camera has a special MOS sensor that helps capture beautiful colors in your photos.

You’ll be able to shoot amazing videos in super high quality because it can record in 4K. It also comes with a lens that zooms from 18mm to 55mm, which means you can take pictures of things far away or close up.

The camera has a big screen on the back that measures 7.62 centimeters, so you can see your photos and videos easily. The shutter is super fast, taking pictures in just 1/8000 of a second. It even has a self-timer, so you can set it up and be in the picture yourself.

To power the camera, it uses a rechargeable battery that you can charge up again and again. But don’t worry, it’s not too heavy, weighing about 2.13 kilograms. The camera itself is not very big, measuring around 14.5 centimeters long, 14.7 centimeters tall, and 7.6 centimeters thick.

With this camera, you’ll be able to take awesome photos and videos easily, and have lots of fun capturing all your favorite moments.

Price : ₹ 2,36,392

4. Canon EOS 90D

If you're a photography enthusiast, you can't go wrong with this outstanding DSLR.

This awesome camera from Canon is perfect for budding photographers and video-makers who are a bit more experienced. It has a whopping 32.5 megapixels, which means super clear and detailed pictures. Plus, it has over ten different shooting modes to make your photos look even cooler.

The camera might be a bit expensive, but it comes with a lens that can zoom from 18mm to 135mm, which is great for taking different kinds of pictures. The camera’s special sensor helps you take amazing photos even when it’s dark outside.

What’s really cool is that you can use this camera to record videos in super clear full HD quality. You can also create time-lapse videos, which makes things look like they’re moving super fast.

The camera has a smart autofocus system that helps you take sharp and awesome pictures. It also has a big LCD screen where you can see the photos you’ve taken.

And don’t worry about shaky hands – the camera has a cool feature that helps keep your pictures steady.

The camera uses a special battery that you can recharge, so you won’t need to buy new batteries all the time. Just remember, this camera needs a specific kind of lens called the Canon EF-S mount.

So, with this camera, you’ll be taking amazing pictures and making awesome videos like a pro in no time. Have fun with your new Canon EOS 90D.

Price : ₹ 1,21,990

3. Canon EOS 1500D

This particular DSLR is widely regarded as one of the absolute best choices available.

This is an amazing camera called the Canon EOS 1500D. It’s perfect for beginners who want to take beautiful pictures.

It’s not too heavy, weighing just a bit more than a can of soda. The camera comes with a special lens that lets you capture different things, and it’s not too big, about the size of a small book.

The camera has a special sensor that helps take really nice pictures even in the dark. It’s like magic. It has a lot of megapixels, which means the pictures will be very clear and sharp.

You can also record videos with it in very nice quality. The camera can take many pictures one after another really quickly, like a machine gun. And the screen on the back is like a little TV, where you can see the pictures you took right away.

One cool thing is that you can change the lens to use different ones for different types of pictures. And the camera has a special feature that keeps the dust away, so your pictures will always be clean and clear.

It’s a fantastic camera for someone just starting out with photography and wants to have fun taking pictures of family, friends, and anything else that catches their eye.

Price : ₹ 41,990

2. Canon EOS 200D II

For those seeking high-quality photography equipment, this DSLR brand is a top contender.

It’s a lot lighter than other big cameras, weighing only 450 grams, which is like holding a small bag of chips. This camera can take really clear and beautiful videos, even in 4K resolution, which makes the images super sharp.

The camera’s sensor, which is like its “eye,” is a special size called APS-C, and it helps capture great details in the pictures. If you don’t want the video to be zoomed in too much, you can shoot in 1080p mode.

One of the coolest features of this camera is its special focusing ability. It can find people’s eyes when you’re taking photos or videos, so everything looks nice and sharp. You can even see yourself on the screen and move it around to get a better angle.

It has a flip-out screen, like your tablet, so you can see yourself when taking selfies or recording videos. And if you want to look through a small window like binoculars, you can use the optical viewfinder.

This camera has 24.1 megapixels, which means it takes really detailed pictures. It also has a trick to make your photos smoother, even if your hand shakes a bit while taking pictures.

If you want to take pictures of something that’s moving really fast, like a bird flying, you can use a special mode that takes a bunch of pictures really quickly. It can capture 5 pictures in just one second. And there’s another special mode to make your pictures look super bright and colorful, kind of like cartoons.

The Canon EOS 200D II is not too big, with measurements like 12 LEGO blocks long, 6 blocks wide, and 9 blocks tall. Oh, and to put different lenses on the camera, you need to use a special kind called EF-S mount, just like you put different wheels on your toy cars.

So, this camera is like a magic tool for capturing wonderful memories and fun adventures with your friends and family.

Price : ₹ 59,999

1. Nikon D750

When it comes to advanced features and performance, many photographers prefer this exceptional DSLR.

This camera is like a magic box that captures really clear pictures and videos. Even though it’s from 2014, it’s still as good as newer cameras.

It has a special part inside that helps it take pictures with lots of detail, kind of like 24 million tiny dots. The camera also has a cool lens that can make faraway things look closer, like a telescope.

You can take lots of pictures really quickly, almost like a machine gun, with 8 pictures every second. And guess what? It can even shoot videos that are super clear, like the ones you see in the movies. The camera is not too heavy, and you can carry it easily.

The screen on the back is like a mini TV where you can see the pictures you took. The camera is not too big, about the size of your hand, so you can hold it comfortably.

And it has a special window where you can look through to take pictures, like a real spy.

This camera is like a friend that never runs out of energy because it has a long-lasting battery. And the best part is, it works with special lenses from Nikon, like magic glasses that help you take even more amazing pictures.

So, if you want to have fun taking pictures and videos like a pro, this Nikon D750 is a fantastic choice. It’s like a treasure box of memories waiting for you to open.

Price : ₹ 1,36,999

In conclusion, the pursuit of the best DSLR camera in India has led us to a curated selection of top-tier options. Each camera offers exceptional features and superior image quality, catering to different photography needs and skill levels.

From the advanced Nikon D780 and Pentax K-3 Mark III, with their impressive capabilities, to the beginner-friendly Canon EOS 1500D and Canon EOS 200D II, there’s a perfect match for every enthusiast.

However, standing at the top is the timeless Nikon D750, a magic box capturing clear, detailed pictures and videos with ease.

Regardless of your choice, these cameras promise to be invaluable companions on your visual storytelling journey, preserving cherished memories with unparalleled brilliance.

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