Hill Top Resorts in Coorg

Hill Top Resorts offers a serene escape nestled amidst lush landscapes. With charming accommodations, breathtaking views, and modern amenities, it’s a haven for relaxation.

Whether seeking outdoor adventures or tranquil leisure, guests indulge in a perfect blend of comfort and nature’s beauty, making it an idyllic retreat.

Nestled amidst the lush expanse of Coorg’s enchanting landscapes, Hill Top Resorts stand as inviting havens of tranquility and natural beauty.

This collection of elevated retreats offers a harmonious blend of modern luxury and untouched wilderness, granting visitors a privileged vantage point to behold the region’s verdant hills, mist-kissed valleys, and vibrant culture.

As the mist clears to reveal the enchanting allure of Coorg, these resorts perched atop the hills not only provide a serene escape from the mundane but also serve as gateways to explore the region’s rich history, aromatic coffee plantations, and captivating outdoor adventures.

Best Hill Top Resorts

The list of Best Hill Top Resorts in India starts from here.

5. Heritage Resort

A premier destination for relaxation and luxury is this exceptional resort.

The Heritage Resort in Coorg is a really fancy and amazing place to stay. It’s like a super nice vacation spot. They have these adorable cottages where one or two people can stay.

These cottages have cool stuff like TVs, phones, coffee makers, and even a safe for your valuable things. The people who work there also clean your room every day and make sure everything is nice.

At the resort, you can order food and they’ll bring it right to your room as much as you want. They also have big rooms where people can have meetings or parties, and they help you plan trips and stuff.

If you’re not feeling well, they can call a doctor, and they even help you exchange money if you need to.

The resort has a bunch of fun things to do, like swimming in a pool, riding bicycles, flying kites, and they even have a special place where you can try Ayurveda, which is an old way of staying healthy. And there are games to play too.

Their restaurant is super fancy and serves yummy food from the local area, as well as different types of Indian and other kinds of food from around the world.

It’s like a really cool place to have a vacation and try new things to eat and do.

Location: 50/3, 1st Monnangeri Village Galibeedu Madikeri, Karnataka 571201

Price: Starting From Rs 8,800/-

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4. Tamara Resort, Coorg

Among the finest retreats available, this resort stands out.

Imagine a really special place tucked away in the middle of a hilly area called Sahyadri Hills. Everywhere you look, there are lots of green trees, coffee plants, and pretty streams.

And right in the middle of all this beauty, there’s a super fancy resort where you can have an amazing vacation.

The resort is like a fancy hotel, but it’s made to look really cool with wooden bridges and roofs that are covered in wooden pieces. It feels really nice to be there.

When you visit, you can stay in one of 56 cute little houses that look like cottages. These houses are built on tall sticks on the side of the hills, so you get to see a really big and beautiful view of the valley. Inside, the houses are made to look really nice with pretty decorations and all the cool things you need.

And guess what? There are two awesome swimming pools. One is inside a building and it’s all warm and cozy, and the other is outside with a special bar right next to it where you can get yummy drinks.

You won’t go hungry here either. There’s a place to eat right at the resort, and they make all sorts of yummy foods from around the area and even from different countries.

Oh, and there’s this really cool old building called “The Verandah.” Inside, there’s a place where they make coffee, and you can also find a shop with books and fun things to buy. They even have their own special honey and spices.

But that’s not all – there are lots of fun things to do, like taking walks in the forest, exploring the coffee plantations, playing games inside and outside, and even doing yoga and going to a spa (where you can relax and get special treatments). There’s so much to do that you won’t get bored.

So, it’s like a dream place where you can have an awesome vacation, try new things, eat tasty food, and enjoy the beautiful nature all around you.

Checkin Time:01:00 PM

Checkout Time: 11:00 AM

Resort Location:  Yevakapadi, Coorg

3. Paddington Resorts & Spa

This resort ranks high as one of the most exceptional vacation spots.

Imagine staying at one of the coolest resorts in Coorg, called Paddington Resorts and Spa. It’s like a super fancy hotel with five stars.

This place is really close to a big lake called Chiklihole reservoir. And guess what? At this resort, you can have super relaxing spa treatments that make you feel amazing. They even have special massages for couples and traditional ayurvedic treatments.

There are lots of different types of rooms you can stay in, so you can pick the one you like best. And the resort has a bunch of fun things you can do, like swimming and playing games.

The best part is that it’s really close to all the cool tourist spots, so you can easily go see awesome things without any trouble.

Location: 7th Hoskote, Thondoor Village, Suntikoppa Post, Somwarpet, Madikeri, Karnataka 571237.

Price: INR 6,200 to INR 8,000 per person.

Amenities: Babysitting service, parking available, multi-cuisine restaurant, swimming pool, free WiFi, laundry service, in-room dining available, bicycle rentals.

2. The Windflower Resorts

Recognized as a top-tier resort, it offers an unparalleled experience.

Nestled among nature’s special places like wildlife spots and a big nature park, the Windflower Resorts is like a super awesome hotel in Coorg. People go there to have a really great time.

Imagine a super nice hotel with big, comfy rooms and cool stuff like TV and modern things. The hotel is like a fancy house in the middle of the wild forest of Coorg. You can pick different kinds of rooms like fancy Villas, Suites, and Studios.

The Suites are like the coolest rooms ever. They have big bedrooms, a place to play and watch TV, a private hot tub, and a really nice outdoor spot. And guess what? The play area can turn into a bed too.

There are also Studio rooms, about 12 of them. Each one has a big balcony where you can look at the beautiful green surroundings. These rooms have a see-through shower, a huge bed, and other really nice stuff.

But it’s not just about the rooms. The Windflower place also has Wi-Fi, which is like magic internet, in every room.

You can watch DVDs, control the air-conditioning in your room, keep your things safe, swim in a super long pool, see a pretty pond, relax in a reading spot, and use special showers.

And when your tummy rumbles, you can eat at the fancy restaurant. They make yummy food from different places like Asia, Europe, and India. And guess what again? They even make food from Coorgi style.

So, Windflower Resorts is like a fantastic hotel where you can have tons of fun, eat great food, and stay in super comfy rooms.

Location: Survey No. 201/P1, Kedakal Village, Suntikoppa Hobli, Somwarpet Taluk, Madikeri, Karnataka 571237

Price: Starting from Rs 11,500/-

1. Amanvana Spa Resort

Within the realm of exquisite getaways, this resort reigns supreme.

Amanavana is like a super fancy and special place to stay in Coorg, which is a really nice area. It’s perfect for couples on their honeymoon.

Instead of regular hotel rooms, they have these cute little houses with big porches, a living room, and a bedroom. These houses have everything you need to have a really comfy and happy stay.

What’s really cool is that these houses come in three colors – red, yellow, and green. Each color stands for something in nature, like fire, the sun, and the earth. So, each house feels peaceful and connected to nature.

Inside these houses, they use special blinds made from banana fibers. These blinds are made by talented women weavers. There’s a special courtyard that opens up to small gardens and a pond full of pretty fish.

Amanavana has a restaurant called the Rainbow Room. It’s a super pretty place where you can eat really yummy food. And guess what? Sometimes, you can even see rainbows in the sky while you’re eating. The Rainbow Room has a cool bar and a fireplace that’s lit when it’s cold outside.

But the coolest thing at Amanavana is their Sunken Spa. Imagine a spa right by a river – that’s where it is. They have 40 different treatments that make you feel amazing.

You can try things like Body Blast, Vinotherapy (that’s something with grapes.), and even a Chocolate Delight treatment. They also do massages that help you relax and feel less stressed.

So, Amanavana is like a magical place with cute houses, a colorful restaurant, and a spa by the river where you can feel super pampered.

Location: No 21, Bollur Village, Guddehosur, Near, Mysore – Madikeri Rd, Kushalnagar, Karnataka 571234

Price: Starting From Rs 9800/-

In the captivating embrace of Coorg’s lush landscapes, Hill Top Resorts offer an enchanting blend of modern luxury and untouched wilderness.

Perched atop hills, these havens provide guests with breathtaking views and a tranquil escape. Each resort, from the Heritage Resort’s charming cottages to Amanvana Spa Resort’s colorful houses, offers a unique and rejuvenating experience.

With splendid accommodations, diverse amenities, and a rich connection to nature, these Hill Top Resorts in Coorg stand as gateways to both relaxation and exploration, promising an idyllic retreat for all who seek it.

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