Top 20 Bra Brands in India

A bra, short for brassiere, is an undergarment designed to support and shape a person’s breasts. It typically consists of two cups to hold each breast, connected by straps and a band.

Bras come in various styles, materials, and sizes, catering to comfort, fashion, and functionality for people of all genders.

In the diverse and vibrant world of lingerie, India boasts a plethora of options that cater to both comfort and style. The quest for the perfect bra is no longer a challenge, thanks to the country’s top-notch bra brands.

From exquisite craftsmanship to innovative designs, these brands have redefined undergarment fashion.

This guide delves into the realm of the “Best Bra Brands in India,” exploring the names that have earned a reputation for exceptional quality, impeccable fit, and a keen understanding of the modern woman’s needs.

Discover a fusion of support, elegance, and confidence through this exploration of India’s finest lingerie offerings.

Best Bra

The list of Best Bra Brands in India starts from here.

20. BEYOUTY Bras

Among the finest brands for bras.

BEYOUTY bras are super comfy and stylish. They fit really well and come in lots of cool designs for different occasions and outfits.

They also make sure to give good support and are made nicely. Plus, they have lots of different types for different body shapes, too.

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19. Nike

A premier name in the world of bras.

Nike is a really cool brand known for its awesome sports bras. I bet you’ve thought about having Nike clothes in your collection, right? Well, now you can check out their super comfy sports bra that’s really smooth.

These bras are made to help you feel confident and excited, and a lot of people really like them.

18. Pretty Secrets

One of the top-notch bra labels.

Pretty Secrets is a really cool and playful brand that makes underwear for girls. They create bras that are comfy, stylish, and not too expensive.

Wearing a Pretty Secrets Bra can make you feel amazing. They have lots of different designs and patterns to choose from that can make getting dressed really fun. You can also find cute bodysuits, swimsuits, and more from Pretty Secrets.

17. Hanes

An excellent choice for bra shopping.

If you’re searching for really comfy and nice bras, Hanes is a great pick. They have lots of choices, and in India, Hanes is really popular among women.

The best part is, their bras last long and are just right, so whatever you pick, it’ll make you feel good and you won’t have to worry about it during the day.

16. Clovia

A standout brand for lingerie.

Clovia is a really cool brand that sells clothes all around the world, even in different parts of the planet. It’s super popular in India because it makes clothes that are both stylish and comfy.

It’s like a perfect match for people’s bodies in India. The special thing about Clovia is that they test their clothes a lot to make sure they’re really good and fit nicely.

Their bras, which are like special clothes for girls, are so comfortable that they feel like a second skin. Clovia has a lot of different styles and designs for clothes, so you can find all the awesome stuff you want there.

15. Calvin Klein

Counted among the superior bra manufacturers.

I bet you’ve heard of Calvin Klein, right? They’re a really famous brand known all over the world. They make super fancy underwear and stuff. In India, you can find Calvin Klein too, and their stuff is always really nice.

They’re great at making bras and bralettes that are really stylish and cool. No matter what kind you’re looking for, they’ve got lots of options to choose from.

14. Da’intimo

A leading player in the bra industry.

Da’intimo is like the superstar of Avante Export, which is an online store in India where they sell really fancy underwear. They want to help every woman look super pretty and stunning every single day.

The bras they sell not only make your body look great but also make sure you feel cozy all day long. They use the best materials, including awesome laces from Italy, that can make you feel extra special in your regular clothes.

13. Bwitch Bras

One of the top-rated names for bras.

If you want really comfy and cool underwear, there’s this brand called Bwitch in India that you should check out. They make underwear that feels great and looks awesome too.

They have lots of fun designs that you won’t find from other brands. It’s perfect for girls who want underwear that’s not boring and usual.

12. Nykd By Nykaa Bras

An outstanding bra brand option.

Nykaa used to sell only beauty products, but now they also have really nice underwear for people. They have lots of pretty and comfy pieces that look fancy but are not too expensive.

So, you can buy cool bras without spending too much money.

11. Floret

Regarded as one of the best bra makers.

Floret is a cool brand that sells pretty bras and underwear for women in India. They have lots of different styles that make women feel good about themselves.

They want to help women feel confident and happy. They also sell nice clothes like dresses. So, if you want to get something special or cute, you can find it at Floret.

10. Tweens Bras

A top-tier brand when it comes to bras.

Tweens is a special brand for girls who are becoming teenagers. They have lots of different kinds of bras, like ones with prints or extra padding. It’s a great place for all kinds of girls, whether you’re younger or older.

They also have bras for everyday use, not just fancy ones. And the best part is, the bras from Tweens can be changed to fit you better.

9. Rosaline

Noted as one of the supreme bra labels.

It’s a special brand that makes really comfy and stylish bras just for girls like you. They’re called Rosaline, and they’re a part of Zivame.

These bras are super soft and cool, and they’re made for girls who want to feel comfy and look trendy. So, if you’re looking for really cool bras that feel great, Rosaline is the brand for you.

8. Amante

A prime selection for high-quality bras.

It’s a famous brand in India that makes really nice bras, lingerie, and swimsuits. They became popular after being featured on India’s Next Top Model.

Amante’s goal is to make women feel happy and comfortable all day long. They have different styles of bras that are super comfy and fit really well.

They have bras for different times, like for everyday use or if you’re going out in the evening. So, basically, they make underwear that’s both comfy and stylish.

7. Lovable

Respected as a top bra manufacturer.

Lovable, a popular bra brand in India, gets permission to use its name from a company called Lovable World Trading Company in the USA. They make bras for women who love sports and working out.

This brand focuses on making underwear that’s both stylish and comfy for women.

6. Inner Sense

One of the most recommended brands for bras.

Do you like trying out different types of bras with cool designs? If you do, you should check out Inner Sense. They make special bras that have something in them to keep you clean all day.

These bras are different from regular ones because they can stop bacteria from growing and prevent you from feeling sweaty and itchy.

Inner Sense is a fancy brand that makes these special bras, and they care about making you feel stylish and comfortable. So, you won’t have to worry about feeling yucky in your bra anymore.

5. Triumph

A distinguished name in the realm of lingerie.

Since 2002, Triumph has been making really great bras for lots of ladies in India. People really like them because the bras fit nicely and look cool too. Triumph is like a fancy brand for underwear in India.

They make bras that are super comfy and come in all sorts of pretty styles for all kinds of ladies.

You can find bras that make you look smaller, ones for when you’re going to be a mom, ones that give you a little lift, and all sorts of other types too. Basically, they have all kinds of really nice underwear.

4. Zivame 

An esteemed choice for bra enthusiasts.

Zivame is a popular company in India that has made it really easy to find the right bra. They have many different kinds of bras to match how you’re feeling and what you like.

They don’t just have regular bras, but also really pretty ones and really comfy ones. Zivame has a mix of everything you might want when it comes to bras.

3. Jockey 

Recognized as a top-ranking bra brand.

Jockey is a brand from America that might have been the very first to make sports bras for many girls in India. They have cool clothes for sports and really comfy pajamas too.

If you want super comfy cotton bras that soak up sweat, you can find them in Jockey. They have lots of cozy underwear options that you’ll really like. Check them out and you might find something you really love.

2. Shyaway

Part of the elite group of exceptional bra labels.

For a while now, there’s been a lingerie brand in India that’s become really well-known. They’re famous because they make underwear that looks special and feels really comfy.

They’re good at listening to what each person likes, and they make bras for people who want really nice ones that don’t cost too much.

1. Enamor

One of the pinnacles of bra brands.

Enamor creates bras that are super comfy and look really cool too. They teamed up with Barbara from Paris to make an awesome collection of bras just for Indian ladies.

They have all sorts of bras like pushups to make you feel great, minimizers to make you comfy, and even bikinis and fancy lingerie.

Enamor is like a superhero brand for undergarments in India, especially for girls.

In the vibrant landscape of lingerie, India’s top bra brands blend comfort and style seamlessly. From BEYOUTY’s versatile designs to Enamor’s exquisite collection, these brands redefine undergarment fashion.

With offerings from Calvin Klein’s elegance to Inner Sense’s innovation, each brand caters to diverse preferences. Zivame simplifies the search, while Jockey and Shyaway offer unparalleled comfort.

Triumph’s variety and Zivame’s adaptability stand out, while Rosaline, Amante, and Lovable prioritize comfort without compromising style.

From the uniqueness of Tweens to the confidence of Floret, these brands empower women with choices that reflect their personalities.

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