Top 9 Makeup Brands in India

Makeup is an art form that enhances one’s appearance through cosmetics. It allows individuals to express their creativity, highlight their features, and boost their confidence.

With a vast array of products and techniques, makeup offers endless possibilities for self-expression and transformation, making it a powerful tool in the beauty industry.

Welcome to the vibrant world of cosmetics. India, a land of diverse cultures and traditions, has witnessed an explosion of the beauty industry in recent years.

In this captivating realm, we delve into the topic of “Top Makeup Brands in India,” where artistry and innovation meet. With a population that celebrates beauty and self-expression, India has become a hub for renowned makeup brands that cater to the unique needs and desires of its people.

From homegrown favorites to global icons, this exploration highlights the finest cosmetic labels that have captured the hearts of makeup enthusiasts across the country. Join us on this glamorous journey as we unveil the shining stars of the Indian makeup industry.

Best Makeup

The list of Best Makeup Brands in India starts from here.

9. M.A.C

 Explore one of the leading makeup brands in the industry.

M.A.C is a makeup brand that started in 1984 in Toronto and later became part of the Estee-Lauder Companies in 1998. At first, it made products only for makeup artists and models, but then it started selling to everyone around the world.

In 2012, it came to India with a special makeup collection called “M.A.C Selena.” M.A.C is known for its special colors, like bold reds, that make it different from other makeup brands.

8. MyGlamm

Discover a standout makeup brand that excels in quality.

MyGlamm is a cool company from India that makes things like makeup and personal care products. They started in 2015 and are based in Mumbai. What’s really neat about MyGlamm is that they became a unicorn startup, which means they’re super successful.

Their products are really fancy and nice, but they’re also not too expensive, so lots of people can enjoy them. And guess what? They’re also really kind to animals. All of their products are cruelty-free, which means they don’t hurt any animals when they make them.

They even have a special approval from PETA and they’re vegan, which means they don’t use any animal ingredients. So, it’s a great brand for people who love makeup and want to be kind to animals too.

7. Colorbar

Uncover one of the most renowned makeup brands worldwide.

Colorbar is a special brand of makeup and skincare from India. It was created by someone named Sameer Modi in 2004.

This brand has lots of different products to make you look pretty, like lipsticks, eyeliners, nail paints, and more. They even have things to cover up spots on your face and help your skin look nice.

The best part is that Colorbar doesn’t test their products on animals, so they are safe and kind to furry friends. PETA, a group that protects animals, even gave them a special certificate for it.

6. Revlon

Learn about a top-tier makeup brand favored by many.

Revlon is a special brand that makes colorful makeup for people. It came to India in 1995, and it was the first brand from another country to do that. Revlon has lots of different products that are really good.

They have helped women in India look and feel nice. Revlon wants to be the best and most famous beauty brand in the whole world.


Identify a highly acclaimed makeup brand with a loyal following.

RENEE is a cool makeup brand from India that wants to change the beauty world. They make fancy makeup that is really safe and doesn’t hurt animals.

Every product they create is special and new. RENEE makes their makeup to help women look and feel beautiful in today’s world.

4. L’Oréal

Delve into the world of excellence with this makeup brand.

This is one of the most popular and famous makeup brands in India. It started a long time ago in 1909 in a city called Paris. Then in 1994, they opened their branch in India called L’Oréal India.

They sell many different types of makeup and beauty products like creams for your skin, stuff for your hair, nice-smelling things, makeup to put on your face, and other things to take care of yourself. They also have lots of salons where you can go to get different beauty treatments and services done, like getting your hair styled.

3. Maybelline

Find out why this makeup brand stands out from the rest.

Maybelline started in New York and came to India in 1998. It became really popular in India because it has makeup that is affordable for many people.

Maybelline also makes makeup that matches the different types of skin and textures that people have here.

2. Lakme

Experience the luxury and innovation of this makeup brand.

Lakme is a popular brand in India that makes makeup products for different types of skin. They have products for people with oily skin or dry skin. Lakme is famous all over the world for their natural makeup range.

The best thing about Lakme is that their makeup is not very expensive but still very good in quality. One of their popular ranges is called Lakme 9 to 5, and it has received a lot of positive feedback from people who love makeup and experts in beauty.

1. Jaquline USA

Get to know a makeup brand that consistently delivers exceptional products.

Jaquline USA is a cool brand that makes really good makeup. They want to make you look even more beautiful in a natural way. This brand is now owned by Dabur India Limited.

You can buy their skincare and beauty products online and they are made just for you. The products have been tested by skin doctors and they don’t test them on animals, which is nice. They are good for all types of skin and colors, so anyone can use them.

Whether you’re a pro or just starting out with makeup, this brand has lots of products that will make you look like a professional without much effort. The best part is that these cosmetics are safe and not too expensive, so they’re perfect for your skin.

In conclusion, the Indian makeup industry is flourishing with a myriad of brands that cater to the diverse needs and desires of makeup enthusiasts.

From global giants like M.A.C, Revlon, and L’Oréal to homegrown favorites such as MyGlamm, Colorbar, and Lakme, these brands offer a wide range of high-quality cosmetics.

With a focus on innovation, inclusivity, and cruelty-free practices, these makeup brands have captivated the hearts of consumers across India.

Whether it’s bold colors, natural beauty, or affordable options, these top 10 makeup brands in India have revolutionized the beauty landscape, empowering individuals to express themselves and feel confident in their own skin.


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