10 Best Yogurt Brand in India

Yogurt is a nutritious dairy product made by fermenting milk with live bacteria. It contains beneficial probiotics and is high in protein, calcium, and B vitamins. Yogurt is a versatile food that can be enjoyed plain or flavored, as a snack or as part of a meal. Yogurt is a popular dairy product that has been consumed in India for centuries.

It has been an integral part of the Indian diet since ancient times. In recent years, the yogurt market in India has grown exponentially due to the increase in health awareness among the population.

With the emergence of a wide variety of yogurt brands available in the market, it is difficult to decide which one is the best for you. Therefore, here we will discuss the best yogurt brands in India, based on factors such as taste, nutrition, price, and quality.

We will also look at how these brands have been able to stand out in the crowded yogurt market and what makes them the best in the country.

Best Yogurts

The list of Best Yogurt Brands in India starts from here.

10. Gowardhan

An outstanding yogurt option that ranks among the best.

Gowardhan is a tasty Indian dairy milk brand made by Parag Milk Foods. It was founded by Devendra Shah in 1992, and it has the second biggest cheese brand in India. Gowardhan has lots of products, like Pride of Cows, Go, and Topp Up. Their yogurt is really tasty and good quality.

The Gowardhan Rick & Thick Dahi has some really cool features. It’s made from really good milk, so it tastes sweet. It’s also really creamy and delicious. It’s really good for your gut health and digestion. It’s also really hygienically packed, and it comes in a 200 gram pack.

9. Alla’s Posh Flavours

One of the finest yogurt choices available.

Alla’s Posh Flavours is a Ghaziabad-based Indian food startup that makes awesome gourmet foods and DIY kits. They have a special Greek yogurt culture that you can add to your milk to make thick and creamy yogurt with lots of probiotics.

It’s super easy to use – just add the mix to the milk and your yogurt will be ready in a few hours. Plus, it tastes delicious and will help you stay healthy by improving your gut health

8. Zoh Probiotics

A top-tier yogurt variety that stands out from the rest.

Zoh Probiotics is a delicious yogurt brand that makes thick, creamy, and mild yogurt that’s perfect for kids. With the Zoh Probiotics starter culture, you can make your own yummy yogurt at home without any added preservatives or sugars.

This yogurt starter is packed with calcium, vitamins, and minerals that help keep your body healthy. Plus, it comes in a 2-pack for convenience. Try Zoh Probiotics today for a tasty and nutritious treat.

7. Amul

Among the cream of the crop, this yogurt is a standout.

Amul is a famous dairy brand from Gujarat, India. It was started in 1946 by Tribhuvan das Patel, and offers lots of different types of delicious dairy products like milk, ghee, yogurt, ice cream, butter, cheese, and cream. Amul’s Flaavyo Frozen Yogurt is the perfect snack for when you’re on the go.

It’s full of protein and good fats to keep you healthy, and it’s made with strawberry pulp and chunks to make it extra yummy. Plus, it comes in a tub that weighs 125 ml.

6. Urban Platter

An exemplary yogurt selection that is considered one of the best.

Urban Platter is a cool Indian food company founded by two friends, Chirag and Dhaval, in 2015. They have lots of awesome snacks, baking stuff, vegan products, spices, dried fruits, and more. They even have something really cool called Yogurt Culture Capsules.

These capsules make it easy to make yummy yogurt at home. Each capsule can make 500 ml of yogurt and the pack comes with 30 capsules. Plus, the capsules have special bacteria that are good for you.

5. The Tea Planet

This yogurt is recognized as one of the best in its category.

The Tea Planet is an awesome tea brand that sources the best ingredients from all over the world and sells amazing varieties of tea. Their Strawberry Yogurt Lassi Premix Powder is the perfect way to make a delicious lassi in no time.

It’s an amazing alternative to yogurt and it’s made with real fruits and herbs, so it tastes just like the real thing.

Plus, it has a gorgeous strawberry flavour that everyone loves. And it comes in powder form, so it’s easy to mix with ice and water and make a yummy drink. It’s also super light, weighing only 250 grams.

4. Again

A highly regarded yogurt that is renowned for its excellence.

Again is an Indian drinks brand made by Bachfun Private Limited. They offer delicious drinks that are filled with low-fat yogurt, nuts, fruits, veggies, and dry fruits with no added sugar, flavours, preservatives, or artificial colours.

These drinks are packed with proteins and other natural and nutritious ingredients like cashew, almond, honey, dates, jaggery, and strawberry. then Again is the one for you.

Their drinks come in a 200 ml bottle and are filled with double-toned low-fat yoghurt, carrot, orange, banana, and honey that make it extra sweet. Plus, the packaging is secure, so it’s easy to carry around.

3. Nestle

This yogurt has gained a reputation for being one of the best in the market.

Nestle is a yummy food and drinks brand from Switzerland. It’s been around since 1866 and it’s now in over 190 countries. Nestle makes lots of different types of food and drinks, like yogurt, chocolates, coffee, and more. Their A+ Greek yogurt is super creamy, thick and delicious. Plus, it’s got extra calcium and protein to help you stay healthy.

Plus, it comes in lots of yummy flavours, like mango puree and chunks of fruit. This mini tub of deliciousness weighs just 90 grams, so it’s perfect for when you’re on the go.

2. Mother Dairy

One cannot overlook the exceptional attributes of this yogurt, making it a top choice.

Mother Dairy is an awesome Indian milk and milk products brand that was founded in 1974. It’s part of the National Dairy Development Board, which is a part of the Government of India. The yummy yogurt they offer has zero trans fat, so it’s really healthy and it doesn’t have any added preservatives.

Their Mango Fruit Yogurt has some cool features that make it even better. It’s packed with protein and good fats, has a creamy texture, and is one of the best snacks for people who want to stay healthy. Plus, the mango pulp makes it super delicious and it comes in a tub that weighs 100 grams.

1. Kiddle Me

When it comes to quality yogurt, this option is at the top of the list.

Kiddle Me is a delicious Indian food and beverage brand that makes ready-to-eat snacks and yogurt drinks. Their snacks are made with the best quality vegetables, fruits, dairy, and cereals that are full of 15 vitamins and minerals. Kiddle Me also has fortified yogurt snacks that have lots of vitamins, minerals, and stabilisers.

One of their amazing snacks is the Kiddle Me Squeezy Yogurt Fruit Puree. The puree is made with a yummy blend of yogurt, oranges, carrots, and mango. It also has oats, which makes it filling and rich in protein. Plus, it has very little sugar, making it a healthy snack.

It comes in squeezy tube packs, so it’s super handy to take with you on the go. Each pack is 120 grams.

In India, there are many yummy yogurt brands to choose from. One of the best brands is called Kiddle Me. They make tasty snacks and yogurt drinks that are ready to eat. One of their snacks is called Squeezy Yogurt Fruit Puree, which is made with yogurt, oranges, carrots, mango, and oats.

It’s healthy and filling, with just a little bit of sugar. You can easily take it with you when you’re on the go. Other good yogurt brands in India are Mother Dairy, Nestle, Again, The Tea Planet, and Urban Platter. They all have different flavors and features that make their yogurt special.

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