6 Luxury Clothing Brands in India

Luxury clothing epitomizes exquisite craftsmanship and opulent materials. Renowned for their exclusivity, these garments blend artistry with fashion.

Coveted by connoisseurs, luxury attire offers unparalleled style, setting trends that transcend time. Each piece reflects elegance, commanding attention on elite runways and in upscale wardrobes worldwide.

The realm of fashion in India has witnessed a transformative evolution, with luxury clothing brands emerging as prominent players.

This dynamic landscape is marked by a fusion of traditional elegance and contemporary flair, where opulence meets innovation.

From the rich tapestry of heritage textiles to avant-garde designs, luxury clothing brands in India encapsulate a unique narrative of style and luxury.

In this exploration, we delve into the captivating world of these brands, tracing their journey, influence on fashion, and the cultural resonance they exude in the country’s ever-evolving sartorial tapestry.

Best Luxury Clothing

The list of Best Luxury Clothing Brands in India starts from here.

6. House of Masaba

A top-tier brand renowned for its opulent clothing.

A really talented young designer named Masaba Gupta started a cool fashion brand called ‘House of Masaba’ in 2009.

She went to a special event called the Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai to show her designs for the first time. Her first collection was all about using small pieces of cloth, and it was a big hit.

Masaba studied at a university in Mumbai just for girls called SNDT Women’s University. Her fashion brand became really popular, especially among young people who love stylish clothes.

People liked her designs because they were fresh and young, just like her.

When she launched her brand at the Lakme Fashion Week, people were really excited and loved what she showed on the runway. Her designs were a mix of different styles and cultures, and that made them special.

Masaba’s Indian background and her love for the Caribbean are both seen in her clothes. She uses unique patterns, prints, and ways of wearing clothes that are different from what we usually see. That’s why people call her the “Queen of Prints.”

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5. Rohit Bal

Among the finest luxury apparel labels available.

There’s a famous fashion designer named Rohit Bal, and he created a special brand of clothes with his name on it. This brand has become really well-known in the world of fancy Indian fashion since it started in 1990.

The clothes from Rohit Bal are not just regular clothes, they’re like pieces of art. He takes inspiration from old stories in India, like history and fairy tales, and uses his imagination to make really unique and amazing designs.

His designs are special because he pays a lot of attention to tiny details and makes them perfect. He loves to show off the rich and royal history of India in his designs, and you’ll often see things like lotus flowers and peacock patterns in his clothes.

Rohit Bal also made a type of Indian fabric called “khadi” really famous all around the world. And he makes lots of different types of clothes for women, like sarees, dresses, and tunics.

He also makes cool stuff for guys, like special jackets, shirts, and accessories. So, his clothes are loved by stylish people who want to look really good.

4. Tarun Tahiliani

A pinnacle luxury fashion brand setting trends.

Tarun Tahiliani is a really famous designer from India who is known all around the world for making beautiful clothes. He’s really good at mixing old Indian traditions with new styles.

His special way of designing includes using both classic and modern ideas. People especially love his wedding dresses.

Imagine, he made a dress that looks like a mix between a traditional Indian outfit and a fancy gown. It’s like a magical combination of old and new.

His dresses are so amazing that even famous people like actors and princesses wear them. He has a special collection of clothes for brides in India, like pretty dresses, traditional outfits, and modern styles too.

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An epitome of lavishness in clothing design.

Ritu Kumar is like a superhero in the world of fancy clothes from India. She has a special fashion brand called “RITU KUMAR” where she makes really beautiful clothes that show off the amazing art skills of India.

She takes old-fashioned designs that people used a long time ago and makes them look cool and modern.

People really like her clothes not just in India, but also in other countries. They love how she uses lots of bright and pretty colors, super good materials, and special stitches to make the clothes look extra special.

It’s like she’s telling a story about India’s awesome history with every dress she makes.

RITU KUMAR started a long time ago, back in the 1960s. At first, they made sarees with cool patterns made by stamping on the fabric.

And in the 1970s, they began making wedding dresses and fancy gowns. People from all around the world started to notice and love her clothes. And they’ve been famous for about 20 years since the company started.

2. Sabyasachi

Unquestionably one of the supreme luxury clothing names.

‘Sabyasachi’ is a fancy brand that makes really nice clothes and jewelry. The person behind it, Sabyasachi Mukherjee, loves what he does a lot.

He started by making clothes and later also started making beautiful jewelry. His things are sold online and in special stores.

Sabyasachi began in 1999 and quickly became famous all over the world. They make clothes that mix modern styles with old-fashioned ways of making things.

The brand is known for connecting with its Indian roots but making things that people everywhere like. They’re especially famous for their fancy bridal clothes that use lots of colors, patterns, and textures.

The people at Sabyasachi believe that it’s okay for things not to be perfectly perfect. They think that the little mistakes made by human hands can actually make things more special.

They get ideas from all around the world, like different cultures and arts. For example, they use colors and styles from places like Europe and France to make their designs unique.

1. Manish Malhotra

Exemplifying excellence in high-end fashion.

The Manish Malhotra luxury fashion brand was started by a talented person named Manish Malhotra, who lives in Mumbai. He’s really good at making beautiful clothes and costumes.

He’s super famous in the world of movies, especially in Bollywood. He designs clothes for characters in big movies, making them look really cool. He also helps famous actors and actresses look stylish when they’re not acting.

But his work isn’t just about movies. He also makes clothes that make people in different industries and even other countries look amazing.

He’s even helped bring back some traditional crafts that were almost forgotten in India. So, he’s not only making clothes, but also helping keep special skills alive.

In the rich tapestry of India’s fashion landscape, these six luxury clothing brands stand as epitomes of creativity, elegance, and innovation.

From the youthful exuberance of House of Masaba to the artistry of Rohit Bal, the timeless charm of Tarun Tahiliani, the narrative brilliance of RITU KUMAR, the global fusion of Sabyasachi, and the multifaceted talent of Manish Malhotra, each brand weaves its unique thread into the fabric of India’s sartorial heritage.

Rooted in tradition yet embracing modernity, these brands symbolize the ever-evolving essence of luxury fashion in India.

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