Top 10 Fastest Train in India

The Fast Train revolutionizes travel with its remarkable speed and efficiency. Whisking passengers across vast distances in record time, it merges cutting-edge technology with comfort.

Commuters and adventurers alike embrace the future of transportation as the Fast Train paves the way for a swift and connected world.

Welcome to the realm of rapid rail travel in India, where innovation and efficiency converge to showcase the “Top Fastest Trains in India.”

As a nation renowned for its vast and diverse landscapes, India has embraced the challenge of connecting distant destinations swiftly and seamlessly.

This exploration unveils a dynamic spectrum of cutting-edge locomotives and meticulously engineered tracks, propelling passengers at remarkable speeds.

Join us in discovering these engineering marvels that redefine the concept of speed, reshaping the future of transportation on the subcontinent.

Embark on a journey through technology, velocity, and the spirit of modern India’s rail revolution.

Top Fastest Train

The list of Top Fastest Train in India starts from here.

10. Double Decker Express

Among India's swiftest trains.

Double Decker Express is like a special type of fast train in India that goes between certain big cities. Imagine a train that looks like a two-story bus.

The first one of these cool trains started in 2011 between Chennai and Bangalore. After that, they made more routes like Mumbai to Ahmedabad, Jaipur to Delhi, and others.

So, it’s like a speedy double-decker bus on tracks.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

9. Jan Shatabdi Express

One of the high-speed trains in India.

There’s a really cool train in India that travels all over the country. It’s like a super speedy train that doesn’t stop at as many places as regular trains do.

It’s called the Jan Shatabdi Express, and it’s one of the fastest trains there. This train is great because it has nice and modern things for people to enjoy while they travel. It’s made to be super comfy.

The Indian Railways made this train in the late 1990s. It’s kind of like a faster and cheaper version of another train called the Shatabdi Express. The Jan Shatabdi Express is made for people who want to travel shorter distances, like trips that take up to 12 hours.

Inside the Jan Shatabdi Express, there are two types of seats you can pick. One is called the Chair Car. It’s like a regular option with comfy seats and cool air.

Then, there’s the fancier one called the Executive Chair Car. This one costs a bit more, but you get even comfier seats, better stuff, and more space.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

8. Garib Rath Express

Amongst the quickest trains operating in India.

Garib Rath Express is like a super cool train in India that started in 2005. It’s one of the fastest trains there. You can spot it easily because it’s painted in bright blue and yellow colors.

Imagine a train with around 18 to 24 train cars, which are like big rooms on wheels. What’s special is that these cars have more seats than regular trains, almost 78 seats in each.

Now, the best part is that this train is really affordable. It doesn’t cost as much as other trains, so if you’re trying to save money, it’s a great choice. But just because it’s cheaper doesn’t mean it’s not safe or comfy. It’s still very safe to travel on, and you can enjoy your journey in comfort.

So, think of Garib Rath Express as a fast, colorful, and pocket-friendly train that’s perfect for people who want to travel without spending too much money.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

7. Humsafar Express

One of India's rapid rail services.

The Humsafar Express is like a super cool train in India that goes between big cities. It’s extra special because it has air conditioning to keep everyone comfy.

It can go as fast as 130 km/h, which is like zooming on a roller coaster. Inside, there are really comfy seats, and you can charge your gadgets with special points. They even have lights for reading. It’s like a fancy train adventure.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

6. Tejas Express

Among the fleetest trains in the Indian railway network.

The Tejas Express is like a super-fast train in India that runs between different cities. It’s as if it’s in a race, going pretty fast, but not too crazy. It can go as fast as 130 km per hour, which is like zooming on a highway but on train tracks.

What’s really cool about this train is that it’s like a fancy hotel on wheels. Imagine having a mini-movie theater on the train with big TV screens, comfortable seats, and yummy food served right to you. So, you can enjoy the journey while watching shows or eating tasty snacks.

It’s like a special kind of train that makes your trip not just fast, but also really comfortable and fun.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

5. Duronto Express

One of the speediest trains traversing India.

Duronto Express is a special train in India that goes from one place to another without stopping in between. It’s like a super fast train that wants to get you to your destination quickly.

The name “Duronto” means “restless” in a language called Bengali. This train was started in 2009 to help people travel between big cities faster.

Inside the train, you’ll find really comfy seats with lots of space to stretch your legs. And guess what? All the coaches have air conditioning to keep you cool. They make sure the train is super clean and neat by cleaning it regularly.

So, Duronto Express is like a speedy and comfy train that takes you where you want to go without any unnecessary stops.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

4. Rajdhani Express

Among the expedited train options available in India.

The Rajdhani Express is like one of India’s super speedy trains that can go really fast. It’s like a comfy hotel on wheels that connects big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. It can go as fast as 130 km/h, which is like zooming around on a super cool ride.

Imagine being in a train where all the seats are super cozy and there’s air conditioning that makes it feel nice and chilly, even when it’s super hot outside.

And guess what? Every seat has its own TV screen where you can watch your favorite shows and listen to cool music. Plus, there’s Wi-Fi on the train, so you can play games or chat with friends online while traveling.

Safety is really important, so the train has cameras like the ones you see in movies to keep an eye on things, and there are special people on the train who make sure everyone is safe and sound. So, you can just relax, have fun, and enjoy the exciting journey on the Rajdhani Express.

Top Speed : 130 km/h

3. Shatabdi Express

One of the swiftly moving trains within India.

Imagine there are really cool and fast trains in India that are like the superheroes of trains. These trains are called Shatabdi Express.

They are known for being super speedy, always on time, and having awesome stuff inside, like comfy seats and nice things for people to enjoy.

Lots of people who are traveling for work or fun like to ride on these trains because they are so good. These special trains go on many important routes, connecting big cities and fun places that tourists like to visit.

If you want to ride on one, you can buy tickets easily on a website called ixigo, and you can also see when the trains will come using the IRCTC train schedule. So, it’s like having a super fun and fast adventure while traveling.

Top Speed : 150 km/h

2. Vande Bharat Express

Among the top-speed train offerings in the country.

The Vande Bharat Express, or Train 18, is a super-fast train in India that can go as fast as 160 kilometers per hour. It’s like a super-speedy train that started running in February 2019.

It goes on different routes like from New Delhi to Varanasi, New Delhi to Mata Vaishno Devi Katra, and more. The train has two types of seats: one is called “Executive Class,” which has 44 seats, and the other is “Chair Car,” which has 78 seats.

Both types of seats have cool things like personal TV screens, places to charge your gadgets with USB ports, and they even serve food on the train.

If you want to travel on this train, you can use a special app called ixigo to book your train tickets online. They also have really good deals sometimes.

Top Speed : 160 km/h

1. Gatimaan Express

One of India's fastest locomotives.

The Gatimaan Express is like a super-fast train in India that can go as fast as 160 km/h, which is like zooming really quickly. It started running in April 2016 and goes between Delhi and Agra, two cool cities. This train was even named the fastest train in India in 2017.

You know, it’s amazing how this train travels 195 km in just 100 minutes. That’s like finishing your lunch and reaching your friend’s house in no time.

The train has two types of seats: Executive Class and Chair Car. The Executive Class has 56 seats and is like the fancier option.

It has stuff like personal TV screens (just like your tablet.), places to charge your gadgets, and even food onboard. The Chair Car is the other choice, with 78 seats. It’s also comfy and has cool things like the ones in the Executive Class.

So, whether you want a bit more luxury or just a great ride, this train has something for everyone.

Top Speed : 160 km/h

In the realm of rapid rail travel in India, innovation and efficiency have converged to create a dynamic spectrum of cutting-edge locomotives.

From the sleek Vande Bharat Express racing at 160 km/h to the Gatimaan Express whisking passengers swiftly between Delhi and Agra, these top fastest trains redefine speed and comfort.

As these engineering marvels pave the way for a swift and connected nation, they stand as a testament to India’s modern rail revolution, reshaping the future of transportation across its diverse landscapes.

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