Top 5 Silk Saree Brands in India

A timeless emblem of Indian elegance, the silk saree weaves history and artistry into its intricate threads. Adorning women with its luxurious drape, it narrates tales of tradition through vibrant hues and intricate patterns. A symbol of grace, the silk saree embodies cultural heritage and exquisite craftsmanship.

The timeless elegance of silk sarees has long been a symbol of India’s rich cultural heritage. This article explores the epitome of luxury and tradition, delving into the realm of the “Top Silk Saree Brands in India.”

From centuries-old establishments to modern boutiques, these brands have mastered the art of weaving and adorning silk, creating pieces that transcend time.

Join us in a journey through the opulent world of silk sarees, where craftsmanship, innovation, and tradition intertwine to drape India’s women in resplendent tales of style and culture.

Top Silk Saree

The list of Top Silk Saree Brands in India starts from here.

5. Kalanjali

Among the finest silk sarees available.

Kalanjali is like a superstar for traditional clothes from South India. They have been making people happy with these special clothes since 1992. And guess what? They’re not just famous in India, but also in other countries. People really like what they make.

Imagine having a closet full of amazing dresses that are made of super good material and come from a special place called Kanchipuram. These dresses are called silk sarees.

They are so pretty and shiny, and they make you feel like a princess when you wear them. And you know what’s cool? They even give you a matching piece of cloth to make a stylish top.

These sarees have a special pattern made of gold thread that makes them look super fancy. And the best part? They’re not super expensive, even though they look like a million bucks.

So, if you want the most awesome silk sarees in India, you don’t need to look anywhere else. Kalanjali is the place to go.

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4. Fabindia

One of the top-notch silk saree selections.

A long time ago, in 1960, a person named John Bissell started a special shop in India called Fabindia. This shop was all about beautiful clothes and fabrics. The clothes were made by really talented Indian artists, and they became really popular.

Fabindia did something really nice. They gave jobs to people who lived in villages and didn’t have many job options. This helped the villages a lot.

One of the amazing things Fabindia makes is something called “cotton silk hand-printed sarees.” These are like magical pieces of cloth that are super comfy for warm days.

They come in lots of colors – some soft and gentle, and others bright and bold. You can wear them for fun parties or even when you go to the office. They’re just so cool.

3. Mimosa

Among the premium choices in silk sarees.

There’s a company in India called Mimosa that makes really nice silk sarees, which are special traditional clothes. They are very good at what they do and have their main office in Bangalore.

They sell their sarees on the internet to people all over the country. But it’s not just silk sarees they sell – they also have clothes made from other materials like cotton and chiffon that look very pretty and colorful.

The best thing is that their clothes are not only of good quality but also affordable, which means they don’t cost a lot of money.

One of their special sarees is called the Kanchipuram silk saree, and it’s made from a special kind of material that looks like silk.

This saree is really unique and comes with a part that you can use to make a matching blouse. You can even customize it to fit you in a cool style.

No matter when you want to wear these sarees, they will make you look beautiful. And the prices they have are really nice too, so you’ll really like their clothes.

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2. Desi Butik

One of the prime examples of exquisite silk sarees.

Apeksha is a designer from Surat. She started a cool shop called Desi Butik. Her big idea was to make Indian clothes famous all around the world. Lots of people liked her clothes, and they kept coming back to buy more.

Now, Desi Butik is super famous in India for its special traditional clothes. You can even look at their clothes online. They have pretty silk sarees, colorful silk dupattas, and all sorts of other ethnic clothes.

If you like Indian style, you should go check out their website before the clothes are all gone.

1. BharatSthali

Among the cream of the crop in silk saree offerings.

BharatSthali is a special shop in Chandigarh that makes really beautiful Indian sarees. These sarees are like long, pretty pieces of cloth that people in India like to wear.

The people who started this shop are named Sumati and Pulkit Gogna, and they began it in 2017.

They really like old traditions and want to keep them alive, so they work with local artists who make these sarees by hand. It’s like making a piece of art. They use different kinds of materials like silk and cotton to create sarees that look different and special.

Imagine having lots of different colors and patterns to choose from – it’s like picking your favorite candy. They also have other Indian clothes like lehengas (which are like fancy skirts) and kurtis.

So, it’s like a magical place where you can find clothes that make you feel proud of India’s culture and traditions.

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In a tapestry of elegance and heritage, India’s top silk saree brands weave stories of tradition and craftsmanship. From the regal opulence of BharatSthali to the global charm of Desi Butik, these brands epitomize the artistry of silk sarees.

Mimosa’s affordable allure, Fabindia’s social conscience, and Kalanjali’s South Indian splendor complete the quintet. Each brand’s unique journey intertwines threads of culture, fashion, and legacy, draping the nation in resplendent tales of style and identity.

These brands collectively illuminate the enduring allure of silk sarees, bridging timeless charm with contemporary creativity.

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