Top 10 Underwear Brands in India

Underwear, a daily essential, blends comfort and function. Closest to our skin, it comes in various styles, materials, and designs, reflecting personal taste.

Whether for support, modesty, or fashion, underwear’s unassuming role remains pivotal, ensuring confidence and ease as we navigate each day with a comfortable foundation.

Welcome to the realm of comfort and style. In a fashion-conscious nation like India, where trends are ever-evolving, the choice of underwear speaks volumes about personal expression and confidence.

This exploration delves into the “Top Underwear Brands in India,” unraveling a tapestry of labels that seamlessly blend premium quality, innovative designs, and a perfect fit.

From established names that have redefined undergarment norms to emerging disruptors shaping the future of innerwear fashion, this guide illuminates the diverse landscape of intimate apparel.

Join us on a journey to discover the pinnacle of comfort, fashion, and self-assuredness in the world of Indian undergarments.

Best Underwear Brands

The list of Best Underwear Brands in India starts from here.

10. Playboy

One of the finest underwear labels.

Playboy is a magazine and brand from America that started for guys. It’s all about fun things and cool stuff for men. They even make things to use, like clothes. Playboy is known for being playful and sneaky.

So, instead of regular underwear, you can try their fun underwear. They have cool designs, comfy materials, and awesome colors and patterns. It’s like a super cool collection that you’ll really like.

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9. PrettySecrets

Among the top-notch underwear brands.

In Mumbai, there’s a cool brand called PrettySecrets started by a person named Karan Behal. At first, they mostly sold pajamas and comfy clothes for bedtime. But now, they’re famous online for selling really nice underwear.

Their underwear is colorful and fun, with bright colors and cool designs. They have all sorts of styles to choose from, and they’re super comfy to wear.

So, if you want underwear that’s both cool and comfy, PrettySecrets is the place to check out.

8. Zivame

A premier choice for underwear attire.

Zivame is a special website in India that started in 2011. It’s all about fancy underwear for girls and ladies.

They make really cool and pretty underwear that also helps you stay fresh and not smelly all day because they have special germ-fighting powers.

7. Bodycare

An exemplary underwear brand.

In 1992, a brand called Bodycare started, originally named M/S Pawan. They make comfy clothes that you wear underneath your regular clothes.

These clothes are really cool because they’re always coming up with new and creative designs. They make sure their underwear is super useful, looks great, and feels really comfy.

And guess what? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get them.

6. Marks & Spencer

A standout name in the underwear industry.

In 1884, a long time ago, a big British shop called Marks & Spencer started selling clothes, things to decorate your home, and yummy food. People really like their stuff because it’s super good.

They have special undies, like fancy ones for weddings and cool old-fashioned ones with cool designs. These undies are really comfy and fancy at the same time.

If you’re thinking about getting new comfy pants for doing yoga, we’ve made a cool list to help you choose.

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A prime selection for undergarments.

French Connection is a fancy store from the UK that sells cool clothes, accessories, and stuff for your home. They’ve been around since the 1970s and are known for making really nice and comfy clothes.

They’re like the experts in making super comfy underwear that you’ll love wearing all day. And if you’re looking for the best cargo pants, we have a list to help you find them.

4. Clovia

One of the most superior underwear options.

One of the best-known underwear brands in India is Clovia, which makes really nice inner clothes. It’s loved by many young girls all over the country.

The underwear they make is not only really cute, but also very soft and smooth, and it looks great on all kinds of bodies.

3. Calvin Klein

A leading contender in the realm of underclothing.

Calvin Klein is a fancy fashion brand that started in 1968 in the USA. They make really cool and stylish clothes. They like to try new and different designs that look super cool.

One thing they are really famous for is their underwear, which is really expensive in India. Even though it’s costly, it’s worth it because the clothes are really well-made and look great.

Calvin Klein’s underwear gives off a young and city-like feeling.

2. Jockey

A distinguished name in underwear fashion.

Jockey, a famous underwear brand in India, was created way back in 1876. It’s all about making sure you feel really comfy. When you wear Jockey underwear, you can feel confident and good about yourself.

They use really soft and stretchy materials, and they dry up quickly too. People all around the world like these special undies.


A top-tier underwear brand that excels.

In 2017, a brand called XYXX started in India. They make really comfy underwear and loungewear for guys. They use special fabrics that come from nature and are kind to the environment.

This makes their clothes super nice to wear all day. But what’s cool is that XYXX isn’t boring like regular underwear – they use awesome colors, fun designs, and cool patterns to make their clothes look really stylish.

So, if you want to feel great in your everyday underwear, XYXX is the brand to look out for.

In the dynamic landscape of Indian underwear brands, a diverse array of options caters to comfort, style, and self-expression.

From the youthful playfulness of Playboy to the chic allure of Calvin Klein, each brand weaves a unique narrative through its designs.

XYXX’s eco-conscious approach adds a fresh dimension to the spectrum. These top 10 brands intertwine innovation, comfort, and fashion, epitomizing the essence of confident, comfortable living in every thread.

Choose your perfect fit, embracing a journey where undergarments fuse practicality with flair.


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